Run Your Own Race, Avoid The Comparison Trap. Always Strive To Accomplish Your Own Dreams, Goals And Visions. Stop Trying To Be So Someone Else, You Were Not Born To Be A Copy Or Someone’s Imitation . You Are Original, From An Original God.

The Comparison Trap Has Seen Many People Fail Along The Way Trying To Fit In Where They Don’t Belong And Tryning To Run Other People’s Races. Their Pace Shouldn’t Worry You, You May Find Out That You Are Not Even Headed In The Same Direction. Know Who You Are, Know Where You Are Standing And Know Where You Want To Go. Habakkuk Was Told To Write Down The Vision And Make It Plain That He May Run That Reads It. (HABAKKUK 2:2) You Can’t Just Run Without The Vison, Or Else You Will Be Going Nowhere. Never Let The Pressure From Those Who Have Reached Their Destinies Make You Cut Corners. Doing It God’s Way Brings Joy, Peace, Happiness And Strength, But Comparison Only Comes With Unnecessary Pressure, Frustration And Enviness. Don’t Waste Your Time Tyring To Impress Or Win Over Your Critics. Just Understand That Nobody Is Ahead Of You, Nobody Is Behind You, Everyone Is In Their Own Lane. KeepYour Lane, Try Harder To Improve Yourself Each Day. (PART 2 COMING)


Give Yourself Enough Time To Work On Yourself. You Can Have People To Execute Your Other Tasks, But Working On Yourself Needs You. You Are Yourself And Nobody Else Can Be Yourself For You. No Matter How Dark Or Light In Complexion You Are, Short Or Tall, Rich Or Poor. No One Can Replace You.There Is Only One You.There Are Certain Things Waiting For You To Be Yourself First.Things May Have Never Worked Out As Expected.Have Confidence In Yourself.


Even in the unfairness of life and circumstances, God remains kind and faithful. During these tough times where the world is battling against coronavirus, we still see God’s compassion. It is indeed a battle that no one will ever forget. Thank goodness you are alive and praising God considering the fact so many families have lost their loved ones and relatives. The virus has taken our parents, our kids and our leaders. On that note, I personally would like to express my deepest condolences to all by families who lost their loved ones.

God will never leave you for the enemy to destroy you. Well, life doesn’t always give us what we want, sometimes it gives us what we need, and this doesn’t mean that God isn’t with you or your family. If you have been praying, this is time to pray harder. If you have been fasting, this is time to fast even more and seek the face of the Lord.

Isaiah.41.10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

I just want to guarantee you that God will do exactly just as He promised. Keep on trusting in Him. To those who are devastated, you can be happy be happy again , don’t give up. Life is not always about that which happens to us, but about how we respond to what happens to us.KEEP GOING,GOD LOVES YOU.


Stepping out of a comfort zone is not an easy thing. It takes one to make a decision and take a bold step forward. Most of the times, a comfort zone is where dreams are lost, plans forgotten and future stolen. Usually, a comfort zone only allows you to take care of and temporarily solve the small issues around you and avoiding the real issues that one should be dealing with. There is only reason why people stay in their comfort zones, they are scared of facing the reality.  I can safely define it as a very dangerous place that stops people from achieving their goals. A comfort zone will rob you of your capabilities and steal your focus. Many people who stay in a comfort zone for a very long time usually give up on their dreams and begin to think that their lives only revolve in and are limited to that zone. No one has ever matured through hiding in a comfort zone. The very first step to stepping out of your comfort zone is moving towards your fear. The bible says that God did not give us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of power and sound mind – (2 Timothy 1vs7). Do those very things which you are scared of doing, take the direction you have never taken, think and discuss about new things which are bigger than the ones you are comfortable with. Doing something new exposes you to learning some helpful things from outside your comfort zone. The pain of stepping out of your comfort zone will do you less harm that of staying there. The comfort zone says you can’t do it, the learning zone says you are capable and the danger zone is where you are now making things happen.

Inasmuch as it looked safer for Gideon to hide in the cave (Judges 6), the families needed food and his people needed to be rescued, all of which wouldn’t have been successful without stepping out of a comfort zone. In another way, Gideon didn’t know he was warrior until he stepped out of his comfort zone. The comfort has robbed us of business people, ministers, and potential future presidents. Sometimes your breakthrough is with the very people who you are scared of approaching, the places you don’t want to go to and the things you don’t want to. Goals are more likely to be achieved when doing things, you need to do, and not things you want to do. People who are hiding in their comfort zones don’t want to be told the truth they need to hear; they only want to be told what they want to hear. Things that will make them feel more and more comfortable. The enemy will always tell you that your comfort zone is the safest place in the world to avoid bruises and cuts. There is no limit as to what God can do through you when you step out of your comfort zone. A church that is fool of people sitting in a comfort zone doesn’t grow. They preach comfort zone messages, conduct comfort zone discussions and meetings making sure that they don’t cross the line. The problem with people in a comfort zone is that they always want to be comforted even if there is nothing wrong. All they want is comfort, not growth. When you step out of your comfort zone, growth is inevitable.

My Prayer For You Today.

I pray that you will not die in your comfort zone. May the Lord give you the courage to step out of it. I pray that God will grant you the desires of your heart in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus. Amen.


The fulfillment of your dreams may not come today or tomorrow, but certainly you will get there. Having failed once or twice doesn’t mean that you are a loser. It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, never rename yourself to a loser. Sometimes the very success that you are praying for is right there where you are .You only need to change your attitude towards it, switch from doubt to faith. Do it with the heart to succeed not just to try. Believe that you are wonderfully and fearfully made after God’s own image. You cannot fail, you cannot lose. If you have been praying about something for the past one year or two and you have not seen any positive change, I want to encourage you to go back in your closet and pray again. Elijah sent the servant to check if there was rain and there was nothing until the seventh time. Perseverance brings forth positive results.

God bless you


SUCCESS. What is success? What does it bring? Where does it come from? Who is supposed to be successful, and who is not? Who exactly can be described as a successful person? What is it that one must have for them to be identified as a successful someone. What is God’s plan and desire about our success? Is success a curse or a blessing? Do people kill for it?

When you succeed in life, never look down on, mock or insult those who struggle each and every day to make ends meet. When you are still trying to climb the success ladder, never point fingers to those who already have made it. If you have made it, don’t end there, if you haven’t succeeded, it’s not the end of it. We have to live with the fact that we cannot all of us succeed at the same time. Wait for your season patiently. I believe that God knows exactly what He is doing and knows exactly why you only have what you have now. The word of God highlights that God desires not only that you succeed, but to have good success. (This book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. JOSHUA 1 VS 8). You make your own way prosperous, simply by believing and obeying God’s word.

Success has largely been misinterpreted. Well, it is an accomplishment of purpose. Success is not just a once off experience, but rather has more to do with your everyday life and where you are heading. One can have or earn a lot of money, but still not succeed. One can have a good job , still not succeed. Success is conquering fear and giving yourself room to learn something each day. In as much as we need money in our everyday life, but it is the one that actually make one successful. Why? Because it is success that leads to money, and money rarely leads to success. Before money comes, before prosperity comes, success should exist in you. I believe that even in 2020 one can still be successful without getting their hands dirty, hurting or sabotaging someone. Being true to yourself, setting plans on what you would like to achieve and making sure you always implement your plans. Perseverance creates in you the courage not to quit. Success is to never give up on something you believe you can accomplish. You don’t need to live a fake life for you to be successful. Most of the people who live fake lives to be successful are not really successful, they just look successful. Just be yourself, be positive even in negative situations. Even when you are not yet at the exact point where you want to be, celebrate the small victories you have overcome. Disabilities do not define a person’s success; it is the passion to achieve your goal that is in you.

Sometimes quantities do no define success. Any organization can succeed with only a few people who are determined to achieve the set goal. A church’s is not measured by the number of people that attend.


Sometimes we are strong not because we don’t have challenges, but because His rod and staff comforts us. People can comfort and cheer you up to some extent, but you can’t defeat someone who is being comforted by the Lord Himself. Challenges never come to stop us, they only come to motivate and make us more and more stronger. You may be going through some tough times right now; I just want to encourage you to hold on because you are not alone. God is right there with you. He is faithful to keep all His promises. Sometimes you may not see, feel or touch it, giving up won’t make you feel it either. God knows and understand your pain and knows the plans which He has for you. Can I talk to someone who is just inches away from quitting? My message to you today: you can do it, don’t let your enemies rejoice over your failures, never let the devil think that he has defeated you. Remember, Psalms 23 doesn’t promise us that we will not go through the valley of the shadow of death, but that even there, God will be with us. I pray that God will give you strength to press on and not give up. God is still bigger than all our challenges and fears.


Attitude goes a long way. It even gets to a point where it becomes the key to your success. Remember, life isn’t all about what happens to you, but how you respond to it. Be careful how you deal with life issues. No one has ever failed because of what people say about them or discouragements, but your response. It is actually your attitude that counts. Well, most people have had the right attitude, but maintaining it has always been a difficult test for everyone. Your attitude can determine the timeline of your business, friendship or marriage and relationship which you are currently in. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much money you have, how many friends and family you have, your attitude towards all of that will always have a huge impact. Some people never had certain privileges or good opportunities, but on the other hand it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that some people are stuck at one point of life because of the attitude they gave to opportunities that came their way. Set life goals, standards and principles, and never forget to maintain the right attitude if you want to see yourself achieving those goals. Your success is just a locked door away from you, and the key to that door is your attitude. The right attitude brings success, it brings peace of mind and soul, it brings unity and strength. Did you know that envy is caused by your thinking and point of view towards someone’s achievements? If everyone had the right attitude, there wouldn’t have been all these killings out of jealousy, envy and hatred that take place every day.

When God lifts you, keep the right attitude, when you get promoted at work, maintain the right attitude. If you have a bad attitude, you are probably not an effective team member in any organization, gathering or work place. When you have what other people don’t have, have the right attitude. If you have not achieved your goals, keep pressing on, and with the right attitude for that matter. When you engage in a race and think that you will never make it, so it happens. Your attitude would have failed you before you even start. Keep your thinking as positive as possible because sooner or later they become your words, your words, your behaviour, your behaviour, your habits, your habits, your values and your values become your lifestyle. When you view things in a negative light, everything around yourself, will suffer negatively. Your growth will be affected by your negative attitude, your family, friends, your success, and your whole life will have been affected by your attitude. Well you may call it luck, but I believe that there is a point where opportunity meets preparation and right attitude before things fall in place, keep the right attitude at all times. Everything is possible when you have the right attitude.


Fear and procrastination remain the greatest enemies to success. Fear has always been a great enemy of success as it prevents us from facing the reality of life. It is when fear knocks in that we end up procrastinating; and eventually give up. Never wait for tomorrow because it has its own attributes. So many people have failed in life because of waiting for the perfect time that will never come unless they create one or position themselves for the perfect time. The word of God says “Time and chance happens to them all. There are things that are in your power to change and certain things that need you to change for them, rather than them changing. You cannot change hours and days of the week, but it is in your power to change and choose what to and what not to do within those very same hours and days. Fear will change your perception of life. I would like to encourage you not to give up on your vision, follow it through. Stop at nothing until you see it happen. Fear always tells you it’s impossible just for you to forget about your vision. It will always tell you that it’s not the right time and it’s not safe to do it. Remember, God did not give us a spirit to timidity or fear, but a spirit of power, love and sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7) A spirit that gives power and insight to make bold decisions. Sometimes it will only take that very vision that you have for you to climb the ladder of success. One thing I can tell you, you will not just wake up a successful person from nowhere. If there is something that you need to do, give yourself enough time to work on your vision, meditate on your vision day and night, think of all possible and positive ways of how you will execute your plans. Set values and guidelines and commit to them. No one has ever been honoured for fearing or giving up. The fact that you have tried so many times does not justify your reasons to give up. Each time you take a step, rather take a bold one forward and each time you try, just believe that this time it’s going to work. If you don’t give your vision the best, there’s no way it will give you the best and you can never afford to bring back lost time. Every hour, minute or second you invest to your vision counts.                       

Your vision is a threat to the kingdom of the enemy, this is the reason why the enemy will always make sure that he sends more than enough cowards to discourage you. Every positive step forward that you take towards your vision gives the devil a headache. Successful people will not take all the advices they get from people, they choose carefully who they listen to, who they follow and who they associate with. Choose carefully what you listen to, what you dance to, what you swallow and digest. I believe you will agree with me that everyone needs people around them in times of discouragement, and positive minded people for that matter. One other thing that has kept many people confined in their past failures is their inner circle. Losers always walk with people weaker than themselves only for them to look stronger and smarter. As a dreamer, surround yourself with people with great minds. True friends who will always tell you when you are right and when you are wrong. It is better to be confronted by truth than to be comforted by lies. Stay away from people that tell you that there is no way you can succeed with the little that you have. (Judges 6:14)

Success demands hard work. If you are not willing to get busy for your vision, you will never become successful even if given all the money you in the world. The road to success doesn’t require people that look busy, but people that really get busy. Be ready to learn from your past mistakes and take responsibility of your failures and mistakes rather than pointing fingers to people who you think contributed to your failures. In the word of God, Adam, when confronted, he blamed the wife, the wife also blamed the snake. Blaming other people doesn’t bring any solution or prevent us from facing the consequences. Getting disappointed by people that promise to help you and never honour their promises doesn’t mean you should blame them for your failures. It is not what happens to you which builds or destroys your life, but what you do with it. Self-discipline plays a vital role to success. There’s never a successful man without self-discipline. Give yourself enough room to grow. Know who you are, where you are going and what you want. Appreciate yourself and what you have. Remember you are not everybody, and you are not like everyone. Never compare yourself with others or measure your success with anyone’s failure, you are not running the same race. Being born poor is never your fault but to die poor is your fault. Hold on, press towards the mark and you will get there. (Philippians 3:13)


In such a time when great fear and insecurities have gripped the whole world, I would like to
reassure you that God still cares about you and your family. He says in His word that though you
walk through the valley of the shadow of death you shall fear no evil because He is with you. (Psalms
23:4). I extend my deepest and heartfelt condolences to all families who have lost their loved ones
to this deadly coronavirus. May you find peace, love and comfort from the Lord. And to our brothers
and sisters fighting for their lives in hospitals, may the healing touch of Jesus Christ be upon your life
right now. There is no sickness or disease that God cannot heal. No mountain is too huge for Him. No
human being is too big or too small for Him to save. I now declare that no deadly disease staged
against you and your family shall prosper, for the Lord shall protect you.

Do not fear, do not be dismayed. In the comfort of your home, work place or wherever you are; you
can have faith and trust God about your life, your family and your future. I encourage you brothers
and sisters in the Lord that during this critical time lets us unite, call on the powerful name of the
Lord Jesus and fight against covid 19. All the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers;
and all believers across the globe, lets us cry unto God and ask Him to heal the land. I believe that
each one of us has been through some rough times of life before, and it passed. This too shall pass.

Why am I saying all this? It is because God says that He knew you before He even formed you in your
mother’s womb. He chose and appointed you for great things. (Jeremiah 1:5-12) Child of God, God
knows exactly who you are, He knows what you are going through, He is aware of every drop of
tears that comes from your eyes. It may seem like nothing is happening in your life, just hold and
keep on trusting God.

As I wrap up this message, may God protect you and your family. May you be covered under
precious blood of Jesus Christ.


For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and not lie. Though it tarries wait for it; Because it will surely come, it will not tarry. (HABAKKUK 2:3.

God has a greater vision about your life which even the devil cannot destroy. It may seem impossible until it is done. God knows you very well and knows even things that you don’t know about yourself, He knows what you need, He knows your pain, He surely knows what you are going through right now. It is just a matter of time before everything falls in place for you. I am glad that even when everyone else leaves you because of your situation, God will never leave nor forsake you. We are living in a world where true love is scarce, where truth is not told and people have turned into pretenders. God remains the same God who is full of mercy and unconditional love. You may have come from a poor background and tough upbringing, but God will not look at what happened to you in the past. Though it tarries, wait for it. I get so much encouraged each time I read about the death Lazarus in the word of God. It is quite interesting to know that God is able to raise even the long dead things. I mean your dead marriage can still come back to life, your dear dead business can live again by the power of God. Your separated family can come together again. Nothing is impossible with God.  It always gives me hope that no matter how bad the situation, God will always bring a permanent solution. Lazarus’ sisters had given up already and probably were upset that Jesus was told in time and never came through until Lazarus died. I know you prayed in time, you worshipped in time, you gave your offering and praised God in time. Now you are asking yourself why doesn’t God come through and do it for you. Sometimes things get tough to an extent that you give up about everything in life. God has his own way of dealing with mountains that hinder you. Just when people think it’s all over about your life, He comes through and manifest his power. Devil, rejoice not, you have not defeated me. Demons, rejoice not for the vision that God has for my life is way bigger than your attacks. Even if your situation gets worse, let it be and let God. Don’t fight, don’t curse and just don’t blame; your time is coming.

That pain, that sickness and disease, your struggle and tears; it is all for a short time. God’s will for you is that you may prosper, have good health, worship and serve Him.  


When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them. The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad. Psalms 126

The pain you are going through will pass. It is not your destiny. You re not going to die there. God will restore your joy that the enemy had stolen from you. You will not be frustrated for the rest of your life. Just get ready for the hundredfold which God is bringing in your life.


Let me start by saying that if you are going to live a successful christian life, it is of paramount
importance that you know exactly who you are. One day Jesus went to the region of Caesarea
Philippi and decided to ask his disciples who people called Him. He actually wanted to see if His
disciples knew who he was. They all gave him versions of who people called Him, and then Jesus
asked them who they themselves call Him. Peter answered, you are the Messiah, the son of the
living God. (Matthew 16:13-20) This shows me that knowing yourself as a child of God plays a role
in your christian journey. Many people are being haunted by uncertainty, confusion and fear
because of what they have seen or experienced along the way. Let not the devil deceive and
frustrate you, having failed and making mistakes does not change your identity. It does not change
who you are. This takes me back to the days when I was a school kid, our teacher would give us
some assignments and each time when the due date of submission came, the teacher would call us
by our names and surnames as they are regardless of your pass mark. He never changed our names
just because we either passed or failed.
Most identity crisis victims have low self-esteem. As long as they are under this oppression, they
don’t believe anything good can come from them. As a small issue as it may sound to some, identity
crisis can delay your success and steal your future. Identity counts; Moses when he received God’s
message sending him to Pharaoh, he asked God who he should say he was because they would only
take an order from someone who had power and authority. You may be there in your house or in
your room pity partying and feeling inferior, let me remind you who God says you are:
John 1:12 – Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave them the right
to become children of God.
Ephesians 1:5 – He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with
his pleasure and will.
Luke 10:19 – Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of
the enemy, and nothing will in any way hurt you.
You are a child of God. Don’t get intimidated by circumstances around you.


1st KINGS 18:41-45

Severe famine had stricken the land because It had not rained for three and a half years. Elijah the servant of the Lord is telling king Ahab to get ready for the abundance of rain. People were almost giving up their hopes that it would ever rain again. But, here comes Elijah with the good news that not just the rain was coming, but the abundance of rain. It must have sounded like a joke to Ahab and the rest of the people because the land was just hot and dry. If you have faith, you don’t see what everyone else sees. You look at situations and see them differently. Faith always sees positive results in the midst of disaster because the word of God says that we do not walk by sight, but by faith. Can I talk to someone who is going through a three and half year famine in their lives? There may have been famine in your family, in your marriage, in your church, in your spiritual life and in your finances. My brothers and sisters when God comes in, it doesn’t matter who put in that tight situation in which you are. God doesn’t care who left you. He doesn’t even consider who hurt you in the past. God doesn’t look at the number of people that hate you at work place. The fact that they don’t talk to you will not stop or limit God to do what He promised to do in your life. It is not too late; your life can still turn around. There is absolutely no limit as to what God can do to you and through you if you have faith in Him. God is able to turn your sorrows into shouts out joy. Just the same way He healed the land during Elijah’s days, God can heal your life today. Just do yourself a favour and believe in Him.

Time and size of your problems can not stop God from fulfilling all His promises. While Elijah was busy praying, he sent his servant to look outside if there was rain. The servant kept on checking and bringing negative results, saying that there was nothing until the seventh time and it was only at the seventh time that he saw a cloud rising above the sea. The servant could not see anything because he was looking for something he could see, feel and touch. He wanted to see something when it was time to believe something.  There is time for having faith and believing God for your breakthrough and there is time to see the physical manifestation. Our God is a God of order and He is never confused. Even if you pray and see nothing, don’t give up. Rather, just as Elijah commanded his servant, Go and look again, look where? In the word of God where you get to know what God said and promised. Before you can give up, I have message for you today. Have you prayed one more time? Have you believed one more time? Have you trusted God one more time? Sometimes people give up just when it is about to happen. Keep on praying more, keep on giving more, keep on praising more. Just keep on keeping on for your answer is here. Just to remind you again, Elijah did not see the sound of the abundance of rain, did not touch the sound, he surely did not feel the sound, he heard the sound. The sound is always a signal that something is happening or it is about to happen. When you are by the train station waiting for the train to come, you wait patiently, and once you hear the sound of the train, you know and believe that it’s coming even if you don’t see it. Faith does not come by seeing, feeling or touching. But faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the word of God-Romans 10:17(ESV). I believe it is about time you hear something from the word of God. Remember, faith does not come by complaining, pity partying and blaming other people for your failures. I am hearing sounds of triumph. Hang on there, don’t give up because God is just about to something so amazing in your life. This the time to believe God for greater things in your life. You may not see it, feel it or touch it. But God is bringing it right to you.

Finally, Elijah says to Ahab, go up: prepare thy chariot; and get down so that the rain does not stop you. We understand that these people were starving and had been praying for the rain to come. But, then Elijah said, “so that the rain (you have been praying for) does not stop you. Why? It is because the rain was going to be heavy such that it would have been easy for Ahab to give excuses as to what he was supposed to do. When God has showered you with the abundance that you prayed for, never let it stop you from worshiping God. The same business which you prayed for should not stop you from serving the Lord. No one is too rich to serve the Lord.


Never measure your destiny based on your current circumstances.Champions never make excuses. Challenges do not come to stop you from pursuing your goals, but to challenge you to be more focused and determined.
Let’s take a look at how Gideon conquered.The man was so focused such that the enemy didn’t stop him.Your focus and attention must be on the one who is able to solve your problems.When everyone else was giving excuses, all Gideon was thinking of was victory and not problems,not on the amount of your problems.No one has ever achieved a thing by making excuses. Whenever the enemy attacks, see victory not defeat. Hiding from the challenges of life will not put them to an end.Neither running away from them will bring victory.Most of the times, people are scared of the very things which are scared of them.The Midians that are terrorizing your life are just waiting for you to take a bold step of faith and defeat them.Leave cowards to retreat and keep going. Surround yourself with faith rather than doubt. Never listen to the voice of discouragement.


Life can sometimes be unfair in this world. There are times when you find yourself drowning in a river of tears. Times when you don’t even know where and how to start solving your problems. But, the good news is that God is always faithful. He never contradicts His word. God always has His own perfect way of doing things in His perfect time. Just don’t give up when God is busy preparing you for greater things. God says in His word that in the right time He will make it happen. Isaiah 60:22.

In the book of Ruth, we see a woman who seemed to be disadvantaged, yet never let her past and problems define her. Ruth must have thought that it was all over when she lost her husband, leaving her with widowed mother in law. She never let her situation change her perception of God. In as much as losing her foreign husband was painful and considering that the couple had no child, little did she know that it was God’s perfect time for them to move to Judah where her destiny was. Ruth was so much determined to follow her mother in law even when she insisted that Ruth stayed behind. Orpah decided to stay behind, but Ruth clung to her mother in law because she perceived that somehow Naomi was carrying her destiny. Sometimes God uses other people to get you to your perfect destiny. Your destiny is not tied to everyone. Be with people that add value to your life. There is always people worth following and people you should just stay away from. You cannot please everyone in the world. Some people are just there to ensure your downfall. It is not everyone who you should follow. Don’t be afraid of losing people when God is working in your life.

Determination and persistence play a big role up the road of success. It would have been so easy for Ruth to decide to quit, considering the fact that Naomi had nothing much in her possession. Ruth followed Naomi up until they arrived in Judah. And, it wasn’t just a coincidence that they arrived during harvest time. That was God’s Perfect timing. By the grace of God, Ruth worked in one of Boaz’s fields not even knowing what was going to happen next. When God is working in your life, all things will work together for your good. God knows what you need, just let Him handle when and how you get it. Ruth traveled all the way with Naomi to a land that she didn’t know, to people that she didn’t know.  This clearly shows that she must have trusted God to handle everything. When you are where you should be, God will keep prospering you. You need to understand God’s timetable and move accordingly. Sometimes we seem to be stuck along the way because we often leave our position. You should know when and where to follow. You should also understand when and where to stay.


As we wrap up the year, I just want to remind somebody out there that surely there is a God in heaven and that He is still faithful, He is the same God who started the year with you. The God who sustained, provided and fought battles for you. You may not feel or see it, but there are great battles some of which you didn’t even see where God made you victorious. I know you may not have achieved all the 2019 goals which were planned and scheduled for the year. There has been hailstorms in your life from left, right and centre. At some point you even thought that there was no more reason to live because nothing worked out for you. You lost your love ones, got rejected, divorced or retrenched from your job. But am so glad that you are alive and reading this message today, this means that the grace of God is enough in our lives. I would like to pass this message to my fellow brothers and sisters at home, hospitals, schools and everywhere. If you failed in 2019 it doesn’t mean that you are a loser. Things will come around, have hope and believe in the Lord. I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.

If God did not fail Noah, He will not fail you either. If God saved Daniel from the Lion’s den, He will not leave you to be defeated by the enemy. Remember the word of God says that God will save from every evil trap and the deadly disease (PSALMS 91:3). I will not say that 2020 will be your year, but I strongly believe that the Lord will keep and protect you from all the hailstorms of life. Rather than complain, please join help me thank God for His goodness and mercy. You are unique, wonderfully and fearfully created. One mistake that most people make and end up seeing themselves as failures is to compare themselves to others.


I pray that the Lord bless and protect you. I pray that the Lord uplift your family. May He protect you from all the roads accidents this festive season. You are not going to die but live and I pray that the grace and presence of the Lord will give you good health. May your kids be covered under the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that the coming year will bring peace and joy in your life. May you be successful in your career, studies and ministry. The heavens shower you with blessings. Amen.


Do you have a church where you fellowship every Sunday? Great, but the whole point is not about going to church or meeting fellow brothers and sisters, one has to know Jesus Christ and accept Him as the Lord and Savior. I am glad that the scripture speaks of knowing Him, and not just about Him. Knowing about someone is as good as you don’t know them because you may have heard about them or have seem them. God wants us to have a personal relationship with Him.Knowing Him means having a one on one relationship with Him, talking to Him daily, being open to Him and let Him take the lead in your life. It is so sad that we are living in a generation that is only interested in knowing more about the pastor, the prophet and the church…leaving no room to know God and what His word teaches. Knowing everything about the church and the pastor will not work if you don’t know the Lord Himself. Apostle Paul says: that I may know Him, not the church, not the pastor, but Him and experience the power that raised Him from the dead. (Philippians 3:10) There are many people that know the church and all the affairs of the church but still going to hell because they are not saved. These kind of Christians always behind knowing the things of God, the things of church and they have seen the things of God. There is a difference between knowing God and knowing the things of God. Christians of this day seek more the benefits of being a Christian yet denying the actual power that transforms one to live a Christ like life.

Where are the ministers of the word that will preach the same gospel which the apostle Paul preached? The Gospel that has power to change the lives of people. Where is God when every preacher preaches what they want. I believe that if apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers were not only preaching to keep people in the churches, this gospel would have been changing the lives of many. We don’t preach things that will make people stay in our churches, but things that will make people stay in the Lord and fear Him. People have twisted the gospel to what they want to hear, and not the truth. Our God is still the same God of love, God of power. The God who used Moses, the God who used Elijah. Let us seek God with all our heart and fear him. I thank God that I know my pastor, I know my church and I know my fellow brethren in Christ, Now I want to know Jesus Christ and the power that raised Him from the dead.


There are battles in your life you wouldn’t have conquered without the Lord. If you think you are poor.If you think you are nothing and worthless.If you think you can’t make it. Check in on your life, and check in again. There is so many things you wouldn’t have made if it wasn’t for God.
God remained a true friend when everyone else left you. He is the same God who took you out of things some of which you put yourself in. I guarantee you that God will never leave you.The present challenges don’t mean that you are alone. The power of God inside you is enough to sustain you. He delivered you from the mouth of your enemy. To me, even waking up each morning is one of the signs that God loves me unconditionally.
You may not be where you wanted to be with your life now, don’t give up because God still has more amazing things in-store for you.Do not fight those who hurt you in the past,do not hurt them back, those who left you and those who you think put you where you are today. What God has for you is way better than a fight, way better than your problems.Sometimes we close some doors by ourselves by fighting where we shouldn’t , by shouting where we should be still and know that He is God.


What is Christianity? Who is a Christian? What does it take to become a Christian? Christianity is not going to church every single Sunday as suggested by many people. It is definitely not just a title. There is more to it than just that. Christianity is a lifestyle that reflects Jesus Christ, and it all comes by receiving and believing Jesus Christ as the Son of God. JOHN 1:12 reads; But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become the children of God.  Christianity shouldn’t be confused with being a church goer. There is another level of understanding that it is all about having a strong and personal relationship with the Lord and surrendering your life completely to Him. I personally don’t see Christianity without Christ in it. Understanding that we don’t just go to church on Sundays because we have no business to do, we don’t go to prove a point to any man or to look good to the society. This is the reason why we have so many unbelieving believers nowadays. Are you in that church simple because you merely joined the church? Are you there because your friends go to that church? Christianity is accepting the word of God that brings light and truth into one’s life. Christianity should be inseparable with the true gospel of Jesus Christ that transforms lives.

God created man in His own image, meaning His likeness, He therefore wants us all to lead lives that reflect Jesus Christ. While some suggest that we all are automatically Christians, the outstanding question is; who then are those that kill, steal and do many eviller things you could name because Christianity encourages peace, love unity, harmony and respect? I am not saying this to condemn any man, organization, belief or church. One can go to church every day and still become a serial killer or a rapist. This proves that not everyone who goes to church is a Christian. Singing gospel music doesn’t automatically make one to become a Christian, but rather, be born again and let the Spirit of God live inside you. This life starts from within and then your outside will automatically reflect what’s inside you. I believe that it is time we should rise and stabilize our relationship with the Lord. If your relationship with God is not right, your relationship with people will be affected too. Check your relationship with God today.


Where are the Christians that mean it when they say God bless you? Where on earth are those people who appreciate, encourage and celebrate sincerely with you when you are achieving greater goals? What happened to brethren that go to church to worship God and not to gossip? The parents that loved their kids dearly. Wives that submit, love and respect their husbands. Where are the true husbands that treat their wives with care and respect? Where are the youths that fear God, youths that listen to parents? What went wrong and what is it exactly that changed? Do we still have neighbours that help and not brag about it? Do we in hospitals have doctors and nurses who have a heart for patients, the ones who delight in saving people’s lives. Where are we heading as a society? Where are we heading as a church? Do we still have pastors that don’t fight over positions? Do we still have true men of God who don’t sacrifice to some evil gods for power and fame? God is calling today for people that are going to surrender themselves completely and serve Him, and Him alone.

1 Corinthians 13:13: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”


This is a call for every Christian to be strong not only in the Lord, In the Lord and in the power of His might. It is not a call for us to be strong when the enemy attacks, but a call to stay strong and prepared so that when the enemy attacks we will have power to stand against him. How do we get strong in the Lord? This is where most Christians get it wrong, they want to put pressure on themselves trying to get strength when the enemy has attacked already. The bible does not say that we should wait for the enemy to attack then we get strong. It means that this is a process that every Christian should go through even when everything is going smooth in their life, seek strength from the Lord. Strength should be your lifestyle. Study the word of God daily. Pray daily without ceasing. Make time to fast and pray when you have all the food you want. Many Christians in our churches today only pray when things go wrong (when the enemy has attacked) My question is: if you are not strong and prepared to face the storms, where do you think that strength will come from on that day. Of course from the Lord, right? But the same God who is calling for us to be strong in Him. Sometimes we fail in life not because God doesn’t care about us or because the devil is powerful. It is simple because we relax and only act when the devil has spotted our weak points and attacked. Even the soldiers or armed forces, these people go through some intense training, this is the process where they learn how to deal with the enemy, they learn how to hold or use their weapons. It is this process which makes them stay as strong as they are so that when the time comes it will find them fit enough to stand. Now, how much more do we as Christians need to stay prepared and strong. When the enemy attacks, there is power in the prayer of a strong Christian. There is power in the prayer of someone that studies and meditates on the word of God daily. There is power in the prayer of a prayerful Christian.

The word of God (EPHISIANS 6:16) continues and to say that above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. Do not be deceived, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that you cannot quench something that is stronger than you are. Now, preparing yourself and staying strong in the Lord renders you stronger than the attacks of the enemy. Stronger than sicknesses. Stronger than temptations. Many Christians have at some point asked this question: Why does God allow temptations stronger than I to come my way, yet He, said in His word that he will not allow them to come my way. (1 CORINTHIANS 10:13) I am convinced that it is not because the temptation is bigger than you are, but it is because God knows that you have all it takes to be stronger than those temptations. He has given you everything. Let’s stop blaming God for our failures.


Everytime God looks at His wonderful creation in you, He never sees a loser. He never sees a failure. He never sees a pathetic creature. But God sees a champion and a winner who deserves better things. He sees someone who is destined for greatness.
The challenges that you have mean that you are on another level where God is preparing you for greater things. It is the strongest champions that experience harder challenges. Do not reject your training phase, do not run away from your training field. You may get tied on the journey, but never get tied of the journey. God has greater things in-store for you,just don’t give up yet.
Some challenges will cost you all your strength and some cost your tears. But stay in the your training field. Some challenges will cost you your friends while some cost you your possessions. Just stay where God planted you.
When it is time to lose certain people in your life, let them go. They may not be going where you are going. As a champion, some people will come to your life just to draw strength out of you and some come to paint you with bad things. When it’s time to lose things,let it go.
At some point, you don’t need to be comforted, but need God to strengthen you.Yes, you can not change the past, those who hurt you, those who delayed you, those who fought you, those who left you. But you can change your destiny. Stay in your position where the grace of God will sustain you. After all , you will come out like gold tested on fire. (JOB 23:10)
My brothers and sisters, you can do it. You have all it takes to win. #GoChampionGo


There is so much power in the name of Jesus.The power that changes situations the power that breaks boundaries. No matter how hard things are, keep calling the name of Jesus, He will hear you. About your family, call the powerful name, about your career, call unto Him who loved and died for you. Wherever you are right, whatever challenge you are faced with, don’t give up. Even if you tried and things never worked, you have been rejected and disappointed, you have disqualified. They left you, they hurt you.Call on the name of the Lord Jesus.

For everyone who will call the name of THE LORD JEHOVAH shall be saved.” Romans 10:13


God has blessed you to be a blessing. Never underestimate the of God that is at work inside you. Once the blessing of God sits upon you, it changes your life for good. The blessing of God carries something that even the devil cannot destroy. Never worry yourself about how the world sees you and what they say about you. The fact that people talk about you doesn’t make you any less of a blessing of God. There are two reasons why people talk about you, (a) it is because they don’t see the seed which God planted inside you. (b) they see the seed inside and they are trying to destroy it. No man can destroy that which is born of God.

The blessing from the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow to it. Proverbs 10:22


Lord you have been so good to me. You overlooked all my mistakes and shortcomings. Here I am Oh God, you still love me, you still give me strength. I am so glad to have a God who doesn’t count my transgressions. The Lord that sustains me throughout the journey. Even when I thought I walked very careful so that I don’t fall, yet it was the hand of the Lord which held me. The Lord delivered me from every trap set against my life. Where my wisdom won’t save me, your grace will, where my wealth won’t pay for me, your kindness will. Where my money won’t be enough to pay my debts, the blood of Jesus already did. To me it is a sign that the Lord is indeed with me. I may not see or feel it sometimes, but He walks with me all the way. No one else can ever bless me the way you do.


While Jesus was still speaking, some people came from Jairus’ house to tell him that his only daughter had died and that he shouldn’t bother Jesus anymore. These people were talking to Jairus, but anyway, Jesus overheard them announce the bad news. To their surprise, Jesus turned to Jairus and said, “Don’t be afraid, just believe”. After that Jesus only took Peter, James and John to where the body of the girl was. The word says that people were crying loudly and Jesus asked them why they were crying because the child was not dead but asleep. No one believed him because they had seen for themselves that the child was dead. Taking the child’s parents and the three disciples, Jesus went into the house, took the child by the hand and said, “Talitha koum”. Immediately the child woke up and Jesus asked them to give her food. Some of the things on which you are about to give up are not dead, but just asleep. May I speak to someone who is just about to throw the towel in their life. It is never over about your life until God says so. Everyone else who was on that occasion thought that Jairus had lost his daughter already, but Jesus changed the whole story. It doesn’t matter who announced some bad news about you. Even when the devil thinks he is done with you, it’s not over until God says. When you feel like you are sinking, just hold on, God holds your destiny. There is a reason why Jesus left the crowd when He went into Jairus’ house. Sometimes you need to leave the crowd if you want success and progress in your life. Separate yourself from the crowd of people that always discourage you, people that look down on you. There are times when you need people that will challenge you more than comfort you. While everyone else was crying with Jairus and comforting him, Jesus told him to not to worry but to believe. One word from God can change your destiny, your situation and your whole life. Speak the word to every dead and sleeping aspect of your life. Speak life to your career. It is high time you check the people you hand around with. Aren’t they delaying you? Aren’t they crowding you for nothing? Before considering giving up, what if that business is just asleep, why not speak the word of God. What if your marriage is just asleep and not dead. Worrying won’t solve the problem, and giving up will not make it better anyway. Just believe in God.


2nd Samuel 9:1-11

When the grace of God falls upon you, there is absolutely nothing that can stand on your way. The King asked if there was still another person whom he should show kindness for the sake of Jonathan. Ziba told the King that there was Mephibosheth who stayed in Lo Debar but he was crippled on both his feet. Mephibosheth was brought before the king and he was favored by the king. This man had all the disadvantages which could have made it difficult for him to be favored. He was crippled, many people may have thought that he was useless. He was not even on the occasion when the king wanted someone of Saul’s house. Even Mephibosheth himself never thought anything good could happen to him because of his situation.

The favor of God doesn’t respect boundaries, situations and barriers. When He chooses to show His Grace, God doesn’t even look at your qualifications or what you have done in your past. Your situation can never stop God’s favor to come to you. Never look down on yourself. Never give up on God and on yourself no matter how hard the situation is.God will never disappoint you. God did not look at what Mephibosheth could or couldn’t do, but it was just the favor of God upon his life. What a man can not do in years, God can do it seconds. Once this kind of favor is upon your life, even the demons from hell cannot stop you. The devil will not have your life, your marriage, your family and he surely cannot have your happiness.


… the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people . To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.… … the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people .

Am glad to know that Christ lives in me, and this is the hope of glory. I may have failed, but I have this hope within me. Failure is not my portion. Because Christ lives in me, demons will not have my life, the devil will not have my soul. I belong to the almighty God. Oh how sweet it is to have a living testimony inside you. There were times when i was lost and did not know about this mystery, but now it has been revealed unto me. I am no longer a victim of fear, death and curses. The word of God says; greater is he that is within me that he that is in the world.I will live to glorify the name of the Lord.


God is and has been faithful since day one. We are where we are today because of His unfailing grace and mercy. This is just a reminder for you to thank God for the life He gave you, thank God for those kids, your parents, for your job , for that pastor and everything around you. Just as He promised in His word,He is going to keep you, provide for you. Right where you are give all the glory unto the Kings of Kings. If everything is going well , give thanks unto God. If you are going through some challenges, just kneel down and ask God to give you strength. Hold on Hannah, your Samuel is coming, hold on Samson, your strength is coming back. You will not die poor, you will not be defeated, you are walking in victory. GOD’S GRACE IS ENOUGH FOR YOU.


And Simon answered, “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word, I will let down the nets.”

It is very clear that Simon, along with the other guys had worked hard the whole night but caught nothing. There was nothing that showed they toiled the whole night, but just the nets which they were washing with so much disappointment. These people were professional fishermen who knew where, when and how to catch much fish. But to their surprise, after doing the best they could do, their nets were still empty. We are talking about people who had given up already because they were even washing their nets to go and focus on other things.

When Jesus came, the disciples had already left their boats. Jesus got into one of the boats which belonged to Simon and asked him to out a little from the land. The disciples might have thought that Jesus did not care that they had toiled the whole night because the bible says that before he addressed the fishermen, He started teaching people instead. And only when He was done speaking, He asked the fishermen to let down their nets into the deep. But Simon, understanding the struggle they had gone through for the whole night and did not want to go down that road for the second time. He said, Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word, I will let down the nets.”

Now Simon did not care what was going to happen next, but the only thing he cared about was to obey Jesus’ word. Knowing very well that they caught nothing in that very same sea, but he said, at your word am going let the nets down into the deep. Acting on God’s word gives strength and success is guaranteed.

Acting on God’s word doesn’t disappoint. It doesn’t matter how many times you have tried and failed in life. It doesn’t matter how many people have labelled you a failure and loser. Never call yourself a failure, wait for the Lord to come and change your situation. I am so much touched by the fact that Jesus didn’t suggest that they should go try in a different sea, but right there in the very same sea, He just asked them to let their nets and this time into the deep. This makes me believe that your future and success is not tied to something or somewhere else, but in the hands of the Master. In that same family, church, business, school just take the word of God and let your nets into the deep. We are living in times some people are confused, migrating from church to another, one marriage to another. I strongly believe that something great can come from within your business, just let your nets into the deep. I know you have tried and failed before. You might be a professional at what you do, but there is a time when our professionalism won’t help, only obedience and faith will.

When the Lord stepped in, he didn’t even label the failures because He knew something could still come out from them. Things might get worse before they get better. Don’t give up. Before you give up on that church, on your studies, your business, your family, one more time, let your nets into the deep for a catch. The word says that after they had obeyed the word of God, they caught a great number of fish such that they even signaled some other fishermen to come and help them out. There are things which you should do not because you know how to do them, but because the Lord says so. You may have caught nothing in your life for the past years of toil. Don’t wash the nets yet, there something great coming your way. Sometimes those setbacks are setups for big things. LET YOUR NETS DOWN INTO THE DEEP.



The earth was formless and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

The bible says that in the beginning the earth was so empty and there was just darkness all over the earth. But through His voice, God spoke things into existence.

May I take this opportunity to encourage someone whose life is formless and void. Your life might be formless now and nothing is coming out of your life. There is just darkness in your life such that you can’t even see the way. You don’t know where to go from where you are. You are jobless and don’t have any source of income, but I just want to say to you, this is not the end of the road. It is not the end of your life. It doesn’t matter who has mocked your emptiness, God is just about to amaze you. He is going to fill your life with all good things.

People may look and despise you today. What you see now is nothing compared to what God is bringing your way. Hold on right there, don’t throw the towel. Don’t move from God’s presence. If you are tired of being formless, tired of darkness in your life, give it all to God. He is able to turn your life into something extraordinary. He is turning darkness in your life into light.



After God had seen that the wickedness of man was great on earth and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. God repented that he had made man on earth and it grieved him at his heart. The Lord then said I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth. The word of God says that God looked again upon the earth, and behold it was very corrupt.

However, God wanted to save Noah and his family because of his obedience. The Lord gave Noah full detailed instructions on how he was supposed to construct the ark that would keep him and his family safe during the heavy rains. Noah did all that God had commanded him to do and built the ark accordingly. I love the fact that after all the preparations had taken place, Noah, his family and the animals he was commanded to take in went into the ark. And God shut him in.

Unless the Lord builds the house, those that build, build in vain and those that guard the house guard in vain unless the Lord protects it. We are living in a world where sometimes life is unfair to us. In a world where there is a lot of things that break our hearts. In whatsoever we do, we need God to shut us in. The reason why Noah was kept safe along with his family is that it was God himself that shut him in. In this world, people can always invent their ways of keeping themselves safe, but God has the final say in our lives. In a world full of trouble and tears, ask God to shut you in His ark. I don’t know the kind of ark you are on board, but you need God to shut you in.

Be it the ark of your business, marriage, relationship or your career, somehow God has to shut you in for its success. If you don’t want to fail in life, ask God to shut you in what you do. There is a lot of divorce case around the world, failed marriages and relationships, frustration, stress, and suicide cases because we somehow don’t invite God to shut us in. When God shuts you in, no man can move those doors, no man can open where God shuts. No floods can break in where God shuts. And when the Lord opens, not even the devil can shut.

In this whole commotion of life, you can still ask God to shut you in the safety ark of His presence. Our churches today are struggling and failing because we sometimes just get invited to church and attend the services and it becomes just a routine to us.Knowing the house of God is not enough as a christian, you have to know the God of the house. Its high time we ask God to shut us in that ministry, in that church and assembly. It is not all about doing it, but it’s about knowing why you do it and asking for the grace of God to carry you through. Of course, the ark in which you are will be tested, will face waves, will face storms, but am glad to know that if it be our God who shuts us in, our safety is guaranteed.


Are in a situation where you don’t know what to do to put things together in your life. The bible says that God prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies. When God comes in, He doesn’t care who did what to you. He doesn’t care who mocked you. I just want to encourage someone who is going through a hard time, God is doing something great in your favor. Something which will be seen by your enemies. Yes, you are crying now, things are falling apart now. But there is a special table which God is about to put before you. God is not scared of lifting you in front of all the people that avoided and side-lined you. Hold on right there, things won’t be like that forever.
Remember, the table is being prepared in the presence of your enemies and not your friends. Sometimes God doesn’t prepare a table before you until you have enough enemies. Always forgive your enemies, always love your enemies because God right in their presence.

God is preparing a great table for you which no enemy can destroy. When God starts doing wonders in your life, nothing and no one can stop Him. Whatever you have seen and experienced in life is nothing compared to what God is just about to give you.Even the enemy will have no choice but to watch. Don’t give up, always remember that God is preparing your table.


MARK 5:28

The woman had had a discharge of blood for twelve years and had spent all that she had on physicians but could not be healed by anyone. The English Standard Version bible says that she came up behind Jesus and touched the edge of His garment. (Luke 8:44 ESV BIBLE) She was so determined and wanted her healing such that she even pushed the crowd to get to where Jesus was. You may have lost lost everything in life, but is it definitely not the end of your life child of God. You may lose all that you have, but don’t get lost and don’t lose yourself. What if your challenges don’t need your finances, what if they don’t need physicians, but only need you to come up like the woman with the issue of blood? Your help and answer to your challenges is in the Lord Jesus, you need to make efforts to show up, to come up. Just at the touch of the edge of Jesus’ garment, her discharge of blood ceased immediately.

Well, am glad to know that this woman did not just decide to go and touch Jesus’ garment. It started deep down in her heart. She had applied so much faith in her heart and believed that by only touching edge she would be healed. (Mark 5:28 NIV Bible) It doesn’t matter how long the challenges have tormented you, it doesn’t matter where and how it started, faith in Jesus can end all the pain in just a moment. May I take this time to encourage you my brothers and sisters in Christ. Just hold on and never quit. Don’t kill yourself, but just have faith and come up, the Lord will do the rest.

The woman with a discharge of blood said something within herself before touching the edge of Jesus’ garment. She said to herself, If only I touched the edge of Jesus’ garment, I will be healed. The positive things you say within yourself carry positive results, likewise, the negative things you say about yourself destroy your life, your future and your hopes. Here is my question; What are you saying within yourself right now? Does it build or destroy your life? Faith sees all things possible, faith can turn things around. Faith defies boundaries and limitations.


The more faith you have, the more you have strength to accelerate. All things are possible when you have faith, but without faith it is hard to obey what God says you should do. When God gives you an instruction to do certain things, the package comes with the strength in it. God will never assign you to carry out His work and fail to give you strength, you only need to believe His word. Faith is not a once off experience, it is a substance we all need in our everyday life. I believed God yesterday, I still believe and have faith in Him today and will forever believe in Him. Whatsoever you do, do it by faith, and  what you say, say it by faith.

A doubtful minded Christian cannot please God for without faith it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6). Without faith, I can still please my friends, my church or my family, but to please God I need to have faith. It was by faith that Noah obeyed God’s instruction to build the ark. Without faith, Noah would not have had enough strength to build such a big ark, especially with the people around him mocking and discouraging him. Faith gives you strength to brush away all discouragements.

By faith Abraham obeyed God’s call for him to leave his father’s house and his people. He did not even know where exactly he was going, but faith still gave him power to go anyway. For you to act in faith, the power of faith must be activated inside you. When God instructs you, don’t question Him, just do as He says.  The more power of God you have inside you, the more faith you have inside you. The more faith you have, the more power of God you have.

Faith empowers you to do extraordinary things. Where there is faith there is no failure. Where faith dominates, there is power. Another thing about faith, faith will bring people to you, faith will make some people distance themselves from you. This is how powerful faith is.Negative people will leave to make room for positive people. When you have faith , you don’t need everyone to be your friend. Those who want to leave , let them leave. Turn a deaf ear to those who are waiting for your downfall, people that discourage you.

Faith wins, Faith conquers, Faith believes, Faith never disappoints.

Faith strengthens


MARK 10:46:52

It came to pass as Jesus and his disciples followed by a crowd of people came across a blind man who was also a beggar by the roadside as they went out of Jericho. When the blind man heard that it was Jesus, he started crying out because he first believed in his heart that Jesus would heal him. As tired and uncomfortable as he was in his blindness, when he heard Jesus, he knew his help had arrived.

The crowd which followed Jesus tried stopping him from calling Jesus, but he called even more. He cried even more louder. Don’t be discouraged by people who don’t know what you are going through, people who don’t feel what you feel. I would rather have people who challenge me to act in faith than comfort me in my situation. The blind man heard the presence of the master and made a decision to seize the moment. God’s presence is with us all the time, it only depends on what you make up your mind to do in his presence. If you want to go very far, leave the crowd and do what you have to do.

Batimaeus refused to be silenced and comforted in his situation. He cried up until he got Jesus’ attention. As a christian, you need to surround yourself with people that encourage you and never listen to discouragements from the devil and people. Sometimes we fail and lose some of the battles not because our opponent is too strong nor our battle too big, but just because of listening and giving in to the voice of discouragement.

When circumstances discourage you along the way, giving up won’t make you win, just call on the name of the Lord Jesus even more. People will discourage you, sometimes even friends will do, but only those who know where their strength comes from will stand and fix their eyes on Jesus. Psalms 125:1 says that those who trust in the Lord shall be like mount Zion which cannot be moved. Conquerors never give up; they never settle for less than what God has for them. Winners never listen to discouragements. Champions never make themselves a comfort zone in their problems.



They crucified him on the cross and thought it was all over with our Lord Jesus Christ.Little did they know that it was rather the kingdom of the enemy that was done with. You can never destroy a seed by burying, it will always rise again.
When He died, all our curses were broken, all our fears and weaknesses were dealt with.Our sins were washed by His blood. We stand where we are today because of the power of the blood of Jesus. Indeed there is an empty grave to prove that our Lord was raised from the dead.
He rose with power, he rose with triumph. The power that raised Jesus has no boundary, it has no limitations.
Waking up every morning knowing that Jesus lives is enough for me. Thank God for His unending love that He sent His only son to died for us.How powerful it is to pray knowing that our Lord is alive. Hold on , never give up on God and on yourself.


One thing about the storm is that it doesn’t last forever, it comes and goes. It is the size of your faith in God that determines whether you will make it through the storms of life or not. Overcoming the storms of life is not for the weak, it’s not for cowards but for strong people who know who they are. When going through the storms of life, your faith and focus should be on Jesus, the author and the finisher of your faith, not your problems. It is during the storms when your faith and loyalty is tested.

The only way to overcome the storm is to face and confront it. Overcomers cannot afford to play hide and seek with challenges, but they rather face and deal with them.
The challenges you are facing are just for a short time, never allow them to rob you of your destiny. Don’t give up on your life, on your faith, on your family, on your church and on your career. Face those storms and trust God for a brighter future. God did not bring you this far to leave you. He has a purpose about your life. The word of God says- But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 43:31

While all the other birds fly away from the storm with fear, an eagle spreads its mighty wings and uses the current to soar to greater heights. An eagle doesn’t run for safety during the storms, but rather, it takes advantage of it to soar to some high spot. Storms need somebody who will not give up no matter how hard it is. During the storms, take advantage to pray harder and worship like never before. There are times when the storms of life hit you so hard, when the storms threaten to sweep away all that you have. I’m talking about times when the storms take away your loved ones, when the storms bring tension in the family. Those are the very times one needs to stand and face the storms. God is bigger than the storms of life. To overcome the storms, you to have faith which is bigger than the storms. It is not over about your life until God says it is.

If you are going to overcome the storms, you got to let go of certain things surrounding your life. You have to let go of some people, let go of all your fears and doubts. Let go of everything that is weighing you down and sour to a high spot. Leave gossipers to gossip, leave haters to hate. Overcomers don’t have time to confront everyone who badmouth about them. Failures and losers have limited vision, but overcomers see beyond the storms. Your storm will not last forever.

God bless you and your family.


Life isn’t about avoiding wounds, cuts and bruises. If it means that your road passes through the mountains, stand up to them. Be ready to handle all the pressure of the journey. Somehow,most of the things which affect us aren’t those that happen to us, but its how we respond to them. You may get cuts , bruises and wounds along the way, your way forward is determined by your response to the bruises.

Fear is just one of the biggest cowards, it always comes to frighten you because it knows that you are heading for success.You can’t afford to lose your battle with fear. Your fears are scared of you, scared of your capabilities and potential.Avoiding a problem isn’t solving a it, it will always find it’s way back on your path.Face it with all boldness,confront it and move forward.The Lord has been the source of your strength, He will not leave you here. My fellow brothers and sisters, hold on right there, don’t kill yourself.The voice of fear says kill yourself and forget about everything else, but the voice of courage says kill fear and keep moving.

Sometimes fear uses people,and sometimes uses threatening situations.You need to stand your ground,know your worth and stop at nothing.If my way steepens, I will go up ,if it turns to the right ,I will turn,All I want is to move towards my God-given destiny.
You don’t need to be someone else for you to win battles, but need to face them just as you are.
Never change the road because there is a roaring lion, deal with it and move on.Samson didn’t run away from the roaring lion, he faced and killed it.

Associate yourself with people that say you can, a company of cowards is worst than standing all by yourself.If facing your fears requires you to destroy your inner circle, do it for your own good.

My fears, I am not scared of you.Devil,you cannot have my destiny, my family ,my career and my future.Demons I am not afraid of you,I know all your schemes.My success, here I come.I have been discouraged, that I know well, but here I am moving forward.I have failed at some point , but I am never a failure. Never sell your destiny and success to your fears.

Scripture reading – Judges 14


“Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us”
Almost every individual has made this prayer before, but before we dig deeper into the topic,Do we really do what we say. Do we really say what we do.

We are living in a world where forgiveness has become very ‘expensive’.Where it costs one something for them to be forgiven.Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you are weak, but it means that you are mature enough. It is high time we go before God and ask for forgiveness and the grace to be able to forgive even those who have done us the worst things. As children of God, we shouldn’t forgive conditionally because we know that Jesus Christ forgave us our worst and terrible sins in which we were drowning.

Holding grudges is for cowards. Unforgivingness is like a heavy burden on one’s shoulder. It keeps weighing you down.Do not be misled, the poison kills the one who drinks it. Keeping some grudge against someone doesn’t hurt the one you are holding it against, but kills you inside everyday. It becomes poison inside you.I know you have been through some stuff, I know you may still be suffering the effects of what someone or some people did to you in the past. May I encourage you today to find it in your heart to fully forgive them.It costs nothing but pride to give someone a call and tell them you forgive them. To pay them a visit, tell them you have forgiven them.The voice of God says ‘forgive them’ but the voice of pride says ‘wait for them to first come to you because they wronged you.

When people talk behind your back, forgive them.Those who drag your name on the streets, forgive them.Forgive your family, forgive your friends, forgive your enemies and forgive the world.
Forgiveness brings peace, it brings love and harmony.Choose forgiveness than grudges today and find eternal peace in your heart.

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