Making The Right Choices

It doesn’t matter where and how you started,you can still change your destiny
It doesn’t matter how many times you have tried and failed,you can still make in life.Just from where you are right now,take a bold step in the direction,focus on Him that died for you.
It is not about who did what to you in the past,but its all about where you are determined to go from your current point.
Poeple will call you names,will say that you are a failure, will say that you are nothing.But there is so much power in pressing on.
Remember, when David was overwhelmed and distressed,the bible says he encouraged himself in the Lord (1st Samuel 30vs6.
Choose today who you want to be with, where you want to be,and how you want to get there.
Most of the times the people that you hang around with, contribute to your destiny.Spend time with giants that will challenge you,encourage you.
If you know you are a man or woman of God,then spend time and hang around with people that don’t even fear God.
Why spend time with people that let you down,people that discourage you.Rather, spend time with people which are on the same page as you.
Examine your life today,check your surroundings,check your friends.

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