Title:Overcoming Fear

Scripture Reading : Judges 14:1-7

-Samsom was up on a mission to get his beautiful wife when he was faced with challenges.
-The devil always attacks when you rise to do a mission, he doesn’t bother himself with people that don’t do anything.
-Let nothing intimidate you along the way, any mission needs determination of some kind.
-You cant accomplish anything when you are a pretender, lazy and a mediocre.
-At times the fact that you are not facing any challenges doesn’t meant all is well, it is because you are not on any mission.
-Any mission requires a confident individual.Someone who will not allow challenges to stop them.
-It was when Samson was on his way to get what he wanted when a YOUNG LION roared.
-Many christians give up when they hear a lion roar.The lion roared because even itself was scared of Samson.
-Most of the times in life we are scared of things which are scared of us too.
-Mediocrity is when you don’t even want to try anything because you are scared of failing.
-When you are scared of the unknown.

Fear is very very dangerous and destructive
-Fear is a spirit.
When dealing with fear, you always keep in mind that you are dealing with a spirit.
-It even creates images where there is nothing.
-It changes the way you see things, even small obstacles become too big for you.
For we do not walk by sight, but by faith.
II Corinthians 5:7
-On the contrary, faith too changes the way you see things ,big challenges and opposition become nothing you, only because you are not afraid. Jdgs 14:6
II Timothy 1:7
For God not give us the Spirit of fear, but of power ,love and self-discipline.
(Refer to AMP bible)
Fear is not from God, the fear of God s from God.
Fear is from the enemy all because he doesn’t want you to accomplish anything good.

-Fear is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real.

-Fear is a strong uncontrollable ,unpleasant emotion caused by perceived threat or danger
-A sense of fear caused by something or someone.

-Samson was no coward, he had courage and confidence.
What is COURAGE?
-COURAGE is the quality a confident character,not to be afraid or intimidated easily,but without being incautious or inconsiderate.
-COURAGE is the ability to do things which one finds frightening.
Courage is not the absence of fear,but the willingness to push forward and make changes in the face of fear.
-The only way to overcome fear is to face it and push forward.
-Samson would have decided to run for his life, he chose to face the lion and kill it.
-When the lion approached him, he went straight to face it.
When the enemy roars, face it.
When it comes to you face it.
When it opens its mouth,face it.
If you want to overcome fear, do what ordinary people cant do.
If you want to be on a higher level, do what you are afraid.

Confront your fears, confront your doubts,confront your insecurities.
Be a champion, don’t get stopped by anything.
-Pray the prayers of a champion, give an offering of a champion.
-Sing like a champion.


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