Never allow situations,challenges and failure to rename you.God knows you by name and surname, by your addresses, He knows every detail of your life. He even knows all your struggles. He knows your tears .God’s sees you through.Before you were born, God knew about you , before you were even formed he anointed and ordained you. You are way more than what you think you are.
When God spoke to Jeremiah, He told him of how great he was,but Jeremiah thought that he was way too young for the things which God spoke of.
Then the Lord God said to Jeremiah, ” DON’T SAY YOU ARE TOO YOUNG”
When God created you, there’s greatness of some kind which he created in you.Don’t compare yourself with other people, other pastors, other singers,or other workers.You are who you are for a specific reason.You are unique just as you are.Love and appreciate yourself.See God’s creation in you.

Scripture Reading : Jeremiah 1 : 4-19


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