The Philistines thought that it was all over about Samson,they thought they were done with him.Little did they realize that his hair was growing back.Little did they know that he would still find himself.They had done all the staff they wanted to do with him.Yes,they had gorged out both his eyes, but Samson never forgot his identity.
I have a message for you: It doesn’t matter what the devil has done to you, to your family ,to your job, to your marriage.He may have stolen all your joy and peace.It doesn’t matter who made who made your life to be what it is today.I know they broke your heart, I know they left you, I know they played and fooled you.The good news is that you can still find yourself.You may have lost everything in your life, but finding yourself plays a paramount role in getting back on your two feet.You may have been discouraged by people and situations.Suicide is not the solution, blaming people won’t help either.The demons have mocked you long enough.
The bible says that when the Philistines were still busy and having fun, mocking him,Samson asked one young to lead him to the central pillars of the building.They thought there was some kind of dancing which Samson wanted to do by the pillars, not knowing it was their end.
After all that you have encountered, always run to the Pillar of your strength, which is God.I know I have made mistakes, I am well aware of all the things I did which I am not proud of, but all I want is the my PILLAR.After all the failures I have encountered, I need the PILLAR.If it be your will Lord, I would rather lose everything else, but FIND MYSELF.
Find yourself before you are found by things
May God bless you all.

Scripture Reading : Judges 16:4_31


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