…………and all these things shall be added unto you. When the Lord favors you, you will find no reasons to run after blessings and some other things. When you are favored, nobody can take it away from you. Even the devil himself can’t stop you, he definitely cannot stand on your way. God’s favor automatically shines upon you, you can’t fake it, you can’t force. Wherever you go, the blessing of God follows you, not the other way round. The favor of God is not earned; it is an unmerited favor from the Lord. God doesn’t need you to have certain qualifications for Him to favor. There are no special requirements, He doesn’t look at what you have or don’t have. He doesn’t even consider your background or anything. You don’t have to be someone else for Him to favor you. Don’t Confuse being rich and being favored. I can have all the things i want in the world ,but still not favored,I can be poor ,but still not favored,Favor is when chooses,picks you and shows you His grace ,love and mercy.

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