In this life there are too many Goliaths that we encounter in our Christian journey. These Goliaths are there to try by all means to hinder us from succeeding in life. Every time you try to push forward in your life, there is a Goliath standing in your way. Some are Goliaths of sin, some are of poverty, some of frustration. The goods news is that these Goliaths of life can still be conquered.

Be optimistic, it takes someone who is focused, someone that knows well very where they belong. Don’t lose the battle before it even starts. Many battles are lost in our minds because we always think that we can’t make it.

When the battle against the giant was just about to begin, Saul armoured David with his own weapons. But David knew he didn’t need Saul’s armour to win the battle, he didn’t need to pretend to be someone else,but the name of the Lord was more than enough for him to overcome the giant. Some battles don’t even need your opinion nor effort to win, but they only depend on who you trust, who you look up to. Even David’s own people thought that he was too small for the giant Goliath. At times we get discouraged by our own friends, our own people from our families. It’s not all about your age, your background, or about how long you have been in the game, but the power is in the name of the Lord.

We do not walk by sight, but by faith, do not be intimidated by the size of the enemy. Not everything that looks big is really that big. At times it is just fear that makes things appear too big to conquer. Never allow the Goliaths of life to defeat you.

Know who’s side you are on. If ever you are going to win in any battle, you need to know very well who’s side you are on. Do not be a double-minded Christian. Set your goals and make sure you know them right well. Follow and pursue them.It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, you should know where you are and where you are going.

Refuse to be loser, refuse to be a failure in life, yes, you may have failed at some point in life, but that doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Trust the name of the Lord. There is still so much power in the name of Jesus.

God Bless You All



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