While everyone else was in a hideout because of the Midianites which were so oppressive, Gideon was busy in the threshing floor.The Midianites had destroyed everything which belonged to the Isrielites such that they were left with no choice but to go and hide in the mountains.
Despite all the challenges and pain caused by their enemies, Gideon chose to beat the odds.In life you can never archive anything by making excuses.Gideon would have had a reasonable excuse for not threshing wheat.
Never allow yourself to live a life of excuses.There’s never a kingdom that was built upon excuses.No dream has ever been fulfilled by making excuses.Every time you fill like taking a bold step in the right direction, you come up with one or two excuses.It is time you tell yourself that you will do it anyway.If Gideon did it anyway, you can also do it anyway.
There will be always Midianites in life that come to oppress, frustrate and hinder you,but is it up to you to change the way you think.Take responsibility,rather than making excuses.If you want to be great in life, don’t focus on your weaknesses, but your strengths.Many people who love making excuses also like pointing fingers and blame other people for their failures, which does not help.Excuses never change anything, they only make you feel comfortable in your failures.
It is not only being financially stable that makes your dream come, but how determined you are.Right where there are challenges, opposition and criticism, you can still chose make it.

Scripture Reading : Judges 6:1-11


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