You can never plan in life until you have a goal to achieve.Planning means coming up with some strategy on how you want to achieve your goals.
Life requires you to have a plan on how you want to live,how you want to do things.

Planning, give yourself time to think about what you want to do,where exactly do you want to do it, how and what is the expected outcome.In as much as our lives and tomorrow are in the hands of our almighty God and Father, we shouldn’t brush away the fact that He is the same God who gave us power to plan, think, make decisions and choosing between good and bad.
It is very very unfortunate that a lot of people choose to lead direction less lives.
You should have a technical plan of those things that you want to do, cutting putting aside the unwanted ones.

Good planners always put first things first.In the planning world, there is a law of prioritizing. In the planning world,mixing up things means messing up things. If you don’t plan, situations will always catch off guard.Planners know when to walk and when to run.They know when to talk and when to be quite.They know when to stand and when to kneel.There is so much power in planning.You are most likely to make more mistakes in life when you don’t plan.

People who have plans always correct their mistakes and learn from them, but the ones that don’t plan,rather than correcting their mistakes, they get corrected by their mistakes the hard way.
May God and the Father protect you and your families.

Scripture Reading : ECCLESIASTES 9:10


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