There are people who are living miserable lives because of what other people say about them.People are capable of locking you up in box  of misery and low self-esteem if you don’t know who you are.Some may say that you are ugly and not lovely, while some may say you are beautiful or handsome.

I Believe that there’s every reason why you are that short,that tall,that dark,light or slim.You are God’s creation.Greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world.Look at yourself in a mirror and see God’s wonderful creation.

People may tell you that you would have been more beautiful if were a bit lighter ,bigger,darker,taller or shorter than you are.Paying more attention to what people say about you or about your body may lead to a very stressful life, whereas listening to what God says about you brings, peace ,joy,love and a more healthier life.

You need to know and identify yourself.Love yourself, respect yourself, appreciate yourself as you are and thank God for creating you in that way.I really don’t believe that God may have made some mistakes when he formed and created you.Never let people’s words and comments drag you where you don’t belong.

You are wonderfully and fearfully created after God’s own image.You are who you are, you cannot be someone you are not, you cannot live somebody else’s life.People may look at you and see an ordinary person, but you are more than that.

Scripture Reading: PSALMS 139:14


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