I would love to greet you all in the precious and mighty name of our Lord Jesus.

When your life is in a grave situation, it means that there is no movement in your life.There is no progress.Everything is just turning bitter.It even feels like nothing is working for you.There is no joy in your life ,in your marriage or in your career.No wonder why, in the graves there’s no laughter nor joy.

Coming out of a grave situation takes God’s special intervention.May I take this opportunity to encourage all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.Our God is able to do just what he said He will do.It may take decades or years, but He will do it, it may take months or weeks, my God shall do it,  It may get worse before it gets better, but God will never ever fail you.

What is it that is not working in your life? Just surrender it to God.I know you are going through some pain, you may be crying day and night with no one to wipe away your tears.God is our present place of help.The word of God says that weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.(PSALMS 30:5). I strongly feel that it’s dawning for somebody.You are just about to experience an everlasting joy that comes from the Lord.

I believe that God is taking you to another level.I am here to declare today that fear is no longer your portion, being sidelined is not your portion.You are highly favored.No devil can bewitched you.Not even the devil can curse that which God has blessed.Right where you are,the favor of God is locating you.No longer will you live your life in a grave situation, in a Lazarus situation.

God is restoring whatever the devil had robbed you of.Your family is coming back to life.Your marriage is coming back to life, your business, your career.

Grace and peace be with you.

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