Never underestimate the power of God working in you.It is the Lord our God who has been with you through it all.If those sufferings, pain and challenges were meant to kill you, you wouldn’t have been where you you are today. His grace and mercy carried you.The very same pain which you encountered may have been your pot in which you were being cooked, prepared and molded.

God does not answer all our “whys” , but He is always thereĀ  to listen to all ourĀ  “thanks giving”.Even when you are going through the darkest and painful part of life,never lose your faith, stand firm and call on the name of the Lord.God hasn’t abandoned you.Never think that you are a mistake,and you will never be.Almost everyone has at some point done things which they are not proud of.They have made mistakes along the way,but that doesn’t that you are a mistake.

The pain of losing your loved ones,the pain of being rejected, being sidelined.The pain of encountering the things which you never even imagined yourself going through.God is replacing all your tears with joy and laughter.


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