I have been tried and tested,yet God is still my strength.I won’t be intimidated by the devil or challenges.Even through the toughest times,I still see the grace of God. I will not be shaken.Things won’t move me. The devil cannot derail me.Money cannot take me away from my rock.People cannot shake me.Pain will not stop me.With or without food on my table, God is still faithful.I will worship Him,I will give Him praise and glory.

When you know the source of your strength,even trials wont move you away from your pillar.I remember even the times when i prayed for things which never happened,i still did not give up on my God.I still saw God’s love through it all.I surrendered all to to the pillar of my strength.I can’t even begin to count the number of times God has been good to me.He has been my strength since day one.

Just where you are child of God, you have a great God by your side.If you pray and things don’t go as expected,never despair. It doesn’t mean that you are weak ,it doesn’t mean that there is no God.There was a time when i prayed strongly for my biological brother who was ill,but he was still taken away from us. I know the pain of losing loved ones,it never moved me.I  still praise the almighty God.The more I am face with challenges , the stronger i become and the closer i draw to God.



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