God has blessed you to be a blessing.You can’t be blessed and fail to be a blessing yourself.When God blesses you,there is absolutely nothing that can curse you.As a blessing of God you need to be great ,not to regret.It doesn’t matter how many people fight you ,how many kingdoms come against you.You belong in the holy and powerful kingdom of God.Let the trials try you,let people talk behind your back,you remain a blessing of God.

There is every reason why you were born in that family, there is a reason why you are in that church.God wants you to be a blessing and not a curse or a thorn to other people.As a child of God,represent your family.God did not put you in that family or church to divide it,but for you to a blessing.When you know that you are blessed,you are content with who you are,with what God has given you.Be a blessing to your family to your parents,to your kids,to your pastor and to your church.





2 Replies to “YOU ARE A BLESSING”

  1. That’s right you definitely can’t curse what God had already blessed you with. Because you are covered in under his annointing and they enemy has no Dominion over your life no matter what only Jesus Christ our Lord and personal savior does.

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