God is faithful enough to obey his word.He will do exactly what he promised to do.Just hold on and trust the Lord about every detail of your life.The very thing which you tried on your own and failed over the years,God can do it for you instantly.God wants you to surrender everything to Him.Give that pain to Him.He can handle your stress and frustration.No pain is bigger that the Lord.There is no sickness that He cannot heal.God cares about you.I know that a lot has happened in your life,but am here to remind you that God loves you and He hasn’t forsaken you.

God is bigger than your enemies, He will deliver you from the fowler’s snare.He will satisfy your mouth with good things.Surely my God will heal you.Your tears shall be wiped away.Every chain of bondage is broken.God is doing a new thing in your life. ISAIAH 43:19.

May God’s favor locate you wherever you are.May you find peace ,love and JOY in your life.May God bless your family and your business.I love you all people.

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