The deeper the foundation is, the higher it allows you to build.If you want to build a mansion, buy and gather material for building a mansion not a stall.Give your mission enough time.Commit yourself to it.It is every Christian’s responsibility to see to it that they have a relationship with God,and have it grow stronger by each day.Building a strong and deep relationship with the Father is much more than just attending church services every Sunday. It is not a day’s journey but a process.

You cannot claim to have a relationship with someone who you don’t talk to at all.Someone you don’t love,someone you don’t appreciate.There is no way one can have a strong relationship with God when their prayer altars are dead.Build your relationship stronger everyday by studying the Word of God and prayer.Refuse to be that kind of Christian who only prays and reads the bible on Sundays during the church service.

Building an unbreakable kind of relationship with God takes determination.It just doesn’t happen.Adhere to all the ways of God.Teach your mouth to speak of things that build.Teach your mind to think of things that build. Your heart and mind to meditate on things that build. You purpose it in your heart to only do things that promote your relationship with God.Thank God for each day that you see, ask for forgiveness and repent when you are wrong.

God’s presence dwells where He’s is praised and worshipped.Let praising and worshipping God be your lifestyle.In most instances,if one’s relationship with God is not straight, it is difficult to have good relationship with people.Wherever you are, may I take this opportunity to encourage you to revive your prayer life.Revive your praise and worship life.

The devil thinks twice before attempting to deceive someone with a strong relationship with God.You cannot be attacked as simple as that.You are backed by the heavens.You have the Father on your side.

Examine your relationship with God today.Are you still the same person that you used to be when you first received Jesus.Do you still have that zeal for God.

Never let anything destroy your relationship with God.May the grace of our Father and Saviour cover you as you through this article.

John 1
[12]But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.

… be continued in PART 2…..

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