Mat 14:28

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”

The reason we are called believers is because we believe, we believe because we have faith.We have faith because there is God.Each Christian has to have faith and stand firm in what they believe in.

It is time to put your faith into action.In the above portion of scripture,Peter had faith that he too could walk on water.He then proceeded to put his faith into action by coming out of the ship believing that He would not sink.He had so much faith that as long as it was the Lord Jesus, and not somebody else, who was calling him to come,He would make it.

The bible says that it was dark,the waves and the wind were way too much for their ship and opposing them.But Peter still defied those huge waves by faith.He understood that it wasn’t all about the size of the waves, but the amount of faith in Jesus.No matter what life May through at you, faith will always lead you into a world of possibilities.By faith, you can defeat those waves of life, the blowing wind of life and walk over them.

When you have faith, you walk over situations and challenges, but without faith you will walk in them.Activate your faith today and take a bold step forward to what you believing in.

We have a problem in our churches, they are filled with people that only have faith,but not willing to put their faith into action.Act on faith today and see if God would disappoint you.

Be blessed, may God’s grace and favor go with you wherever you are.

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