Luke 1:5-25

25 “This is how the Lord has dealt with me in the days when He looked with favor on me, to take away my disgrace among men”

This may happen to be somebody’s prayer today. You might have been crying for a very long time for God to do something in your life. I have come to some point of understanding that in life there are things that don’t need your finances, family support, education or anything else, but only need the almighty God to look with favor on you. There are times when nothing is working, just when your marriage is not working, your job and everything around you. Just when when there is nothing that you have not tried to make things work for you. You know that there is only one God that has to look with favor on you. What needs God, leave it to Him to deal with. I would like to encourage somebody that what you are going through right now is not the end of your life, but just a season. Hold on right there, the season of God’s favor is coming. Giving up won’t solve your problems, worry will not make it any better.

In light of the above chapter, Zechariah was a priest of God, but he still needed God to look with favor on him. He and his wife Elizabeth had a situation as they were drowning in a childless marriage. Well, I guess nobody would love or wishes to be stuck in that kind of marriage. This couple had no child and the fact that they had grown too old to bear children made their situation even worse. The bible tells us that it was a huge shame during Zechariah’s time for a woman to be barren. I am talking to somebody who has a situation that even people are pointing fingers at them. Most of the times when you have a situation you even feel like a loser and failure among people. I am glad to know that no matter how much people have failed and mocked you, no matter how much you have toiled, when God comes in, He changes every situation. Time cannot limit or hinder God, the size of your situation cannot stop him either. No problem is too big for Him. God’s favor knows no barrier; it respects no boundary.

It then happened that one day as Zechariah was carrying on his priestly duties in the temple, the Lord visited him with some good news. Behold, an angel appeared and addressed him and he did not even believe the message from God. Because of doubting God’s word, God decided to make him dumb for some time. Elizabeth wasn’t even pregnant yet, but God had already given their son a name and told them what should and shouldn’t be done to their son. God calls those things which be not as though they were. Elizabeth had two advantages, she was barren and had grown too old.

I know you may have been disadvantaged, you may have been coming from a small poor family, God can still look on you with favor. Every barren aspect of your life shall be healed. Living with spiritual, financial and social barrenness, God doesn’t respect your age or status when He decides to look on you. It may take time but all I know is that my God will not fail you. I don’t know when, I don’t know where and how but all I know is that God will look on you with favor. My God will surely take away your shame among people. After all the setbacks, failures and stress, loss and shame God will prepare a table before you. The very same enemies will watch God lift you. There’s every reason to smile because you shall have a testimony. It’s not too late for God to show you His favor.

Today’s Prayer

Lord, here I am, surrendering all to you. I surrender all my fears to you. I choose to believe and trust you about my life and future today. Look on me with favor oh Lord. Lord I don’t when, how and where but I am waiting on you to change my situation. Every barrenness in my life, I give it all to you Lord. I pray in the Name of our Lord Jesus. Amen.


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