ACTS 16:16-40

25 – But about midnight when Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the prisoners were listening to them; 26 – suddenly there was a great earthquake, so powerful that the very foundations of the prison were shaken and at once all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were unfastened.

When the prison gates opened, Paul and Silas were not complaining, they were definitely not blaming the situation. But praising God. Have you tried praising God in your situation and things never changed? Those chains and bars did not break until they praised the Lord. The pain you are going through, the situation you are in is calling you to praise God and see His miracles. This is high time you stop blaming people, economy and the government and start trusting God about your life. God does not keep silent when He is praised, He comes down to do wonders. I don’t know what kind of prison you are in today, but you need to praise God right there. Pity partying will not bring any breakthrough. God’s power cannot be hindered by situations or environment.

Paul and Silas were not only jailed, but the bible says that they were severely flogged and beaten before they were thrown into the inner and secure jail cell. The bible tells us that the crowd also joined in the attack against them. To me this confirms that you don’t need everyone to be on your side for you to succeed. You don’t need everyone to support you for you to overcome your situation, but only need to praise God. They even had their feet fastened to make sure they don’t escape. The enemy has got so many ways in which he pushes you into some tight corner where he can keep you jailed. Remember, a prisoner can’t just do as he pleases, one has to adhere to the prison laws. There should be no excuse for not praising God from where you are when someone could praise out of prison. Your voice can be heard regardless of your location and situation. It is not the prison you are locked in that is holding you back, but how you react to the prison. Your reaction to life situation plays a vital role in the way forward.

Just when challenges have flogged you, when life has thrown you into some prison, when everything has failed choose to praise God. Praising God brings about power which demons cannot stand. There is so much power which breaks every chain in just praising our God. As they prayed, there was suddenly a great earthquake that even the foundations of the prison were shaken. When God comes down He does not only solve your situation, but He even uproots the cause and foundations of the problem. All the chains of bondage will be broken when you stop crying and complaining, but just give all the praise unto the Lord. It is very interesting that the bible says that they were singing hymns of praise to God, they were definitely not singing about their problems. Don’t praise your challenges, praise God and He will deal with your challenges.

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