“Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us”
Almost every individual has made this prayer before, but before we dig deeper into the topic,Do we really do what we say. Do we really say what we do.

We are living in a world where forgiveness has become very ‘expensive’.Where it costs one something for them to be forgiven.Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you are weak, but it means that you are mature enough. It is high time we go before God and ask for forgiveness and the grace to be able to forgive even those who have done us the worst things. As children of God, we shouldn’t forgive conditionally because we know that Jesus Christ forgave us our worst and terrible sins in which we were drowning.

Holding grudges is for cowards. Unforgivingness is like a heavy burden on one’s shoulder. It keeps weighing you down.Do not be misled, the poison kills the one who drinks it. Keeping some grudge against someone doesn’t hurt the one you are holding it against, but kills you inside everyday. It becomes poison inside you.I know you have been through some stuff, I know you may still be suffering the effects of what someone or some people did to you in the past. May I encourage you today to find it in your heart to fully forgive them.It costs nothing but pride to give someone a call and tell them you forgive them. To pay them a visit, tell them you have forgiven them.The voice of God says ‘forgive them’ but the voice of pride says ‘wait for them to first come to you because they wronged you.

When people talk behind your back, forgive them.Those who drag your name on the streets, forgive them.Forgive your family, forgive your friends, forgive your enemies and forgive the world.
Forgiveness brings peace, it brings love and harmony.Choose forgiveness than grudges today and find eternal peace in your heart.

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