Life isn’t about avoiding wounds, cuts and bruises. If it means that your road passes through the mountains, stand up to them. Be ready to handle all the pressure of the journey. Somehow,most of the things which affect us aren’t those that happen to us, but its how we respond to them. You may get cuts , bruises and wounds along the way, your way forward is determined by your response to the bruises.

Fear is just one of the biggest cowards, it always comes to frighten you because it knows that you are heading for success.You can’t afford to lose your battle with fear. Your fears are scared of you, scared of your capabilities and potential.Avoiding a problem isn’t solving a it, it will always find it’s way back on your path.Face it with all boldness,confront it and move forward.The Lord has been the source of your strength, He will not leave you here. My fellow brothers and sisters, hold on right there, don’t kill yourself.The voice of fear says kill yourself and forget about everything else, but the voice of courage says kill fear and keep moving.

Sometimes fear uses people,and sometimes uses threatening situations.You need to stand your ground,know your worth and stop at nothing.If my way steepens, I will go up ,if it turns to the right ,I will turn,All I want is to move towards my God-given destiny.
You don’t need to be someone else for you to win battles, but need to face them just as you are.
Never change the road because there is a roaring lion, deal with it and move on.Samson didn’t run away from the roaring lion, he faced and killed it.

Associate yourself with people that say you can, a company of cowards is worst than standing all by yourself.If facing your fears requires you to destroy your inner circle, do it for your own good.

My fears, I am not scared of you.Devil,you cannot have my destiny, my family ,my career and my future.Demons I am not afraid of you,I know all your schemes.My success, here I come.I have been discouraged, that I know well, but here I am moving forward.I have failed at some point , but I am never a failure. Never sell your destiny and success to your fears.

Scripture reading – Judges 14

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