MARK 10:46:52

It came to pass as Jesus and his disciples followed by a crowd of people came across a blind man who was also a beggar by the roadside as they went out of Jericho. When the blind man heard that it was Jesus, he started crying out because he first believed in his heart that Jesus would heal him. As tired and uncomfortable as he was in his blindness, when he heard Jesus, he knew his help had arrived.

The crowd which followed Jesus tried stopping him from calling Jesus, but he called even more. He cried even more louder. Don’t be discouraged by people who don’t know what you are going through, people who don’t feel what you feel. I would rather have people who challenge me to act in faith than comfort me in my situation. The blind man heard the presence of the master and made a decision to seize the moment. God’s presence is with us all the time, it only depends on what you make up your mind to do in his presence. If you want to go very far, leave the crowd and do what you have to do.

Batimaeus refused to be silenced and comforted in his situation. He cried up until he got Jesus’ attention. As a christian, you need to surround yourself with people that encourage you and never listen to discouragements from the devil and people. Sometimes we fail and lose some of the battles not because our opponent is too strong nor our battle too big, but just because of listening and giving in to the voice of discouragement.

When circumstances discourage you along the way, giving up won’t make you win, just call on the name of the Lord Jesus even more. People will discourage you, sometimes even friends will do, but only those who know where their strength comes from will stand and fix their eyes on Jesus. Psalms 125:1 says that those who trust in the Lord shall be like mount Zion which cannot be moved. Conquerors never give up; they never settle for less than what God has for them. Winners never listen to discouragements. Champions never make themselves a comfort zone in their problems.


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