The more faith you have, the more you have strength to accelerate. All things are possible when you have faith, but without faith it is hard to obey what God says you should do. When God gives you an instruction to do certain things, the package comes with the strength in it. God will never assign you to carry out His work and fail to give you strength, you only need to believe His word. Faith is not a once off experience, it is a substance we all need in our everyday life. I believed God yesterday, I still believe and have faith in Him today and will forever believe in Him. Whatsoever you do, do it by faith, and  what you say, say it by faith.

A doubtful minded Christian cannot please God for without faith it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6). Without faith, I can still please my friends, my church or my family, but to please God I need to have faith. It was by faith that Noah obeyed God’s instruction to build the ark. Without faith, Noah would not have had enough strength to build such a big ark, especially with the people around him mocking and discouraging him. Faith gives you strength to brush away all discouragements.

By faith Abraham obeyed God’s call for him to leave his father’s house and his people. He did not even know where exactly he was going, but faith still gave him power to go anyway. For you to act in faith, the power of faith must be activated inside you. When God instructs you, don’t question Him, just do as He says.  The more power of God you have inside you, the more faith you have inside you. The more faith you have, the more power of God you have.

Faith empowers you to do extraordinary things. Where there is faith there is no failure. Where faith dominates, there is power. Another thing about faith, faith will bring people to you, faith will make some people distance themselves from you. This is how powerful faith is.Negative people will leave to make room for positive people. When you have faith , you don’t need everyone to be your friend. Those who want to leave , let them leave. Turn a deaf ear to those who are waiting for your downfall, people that discourage you.

Faith wins, Faith conquers, Faith believes, Faith never disappoints.

Faith strengthens


  1. wonderful post. Just what I needed to refresh and get my day jump started. This was a God moment to come across your post. thanks for following me because that is what inspired me to check you out. Blessings to you!

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