MARK 5:28

The woman had had a discharge of blood for twelve years and had spent all that she had on physicians but could not be healed by anyone. The English Standard Version bible says that she came up behind Jesus and touched the edge of His garment. (Luke 8:44 ESV BIBLE) She was so determined and wanted her healing such that she even pushed the crowd to get to where Jesus was. You may have lost lost everything in life, but is it definitely not the end of your life child of God. You may lose all that you have, but don’t get lost and don’t lose yourself. What if your challenges don’t need your finances, what if they don’t need physicians, but only need you to come up like the woman with the issue of blood? Your help and answer to your challenges is in the Lord Jesus, you need to make efforts to show up, to come up. Just at the touch of the edge of Jesus’ garment, her discharge of blood ceased immediately.

Well, am glad to know that this woman did not just decide to go and touch Jesus’ garment. It started deep down in her heart. She had applied so much faith in her heart and believed that by only touching edge she would be healed. (Mark 5:28 NIV Bible) It doesn’t matter how long the challenges have tormented you, it doesn’t matter where and how it started, faith in Jesus can end all the pain in just a moment. May I take this time to encourage you my brothers and sisters in Christ. Just hold on and never quit. Don’t kill yourself, but just have faith and come up, the Lord will do the rest.

The woman with a discharge of blood said something within herself before touching the edge of Jesus’ garment. She said to herself, If only I touched the edge of Jesus’ garment, I will be healed. The positive things you say within yourself carry positive results, likewise, the negative things you say about yourself destroy your life, your future and your hopes. Here is my question; What are you saying within yourself right now? Does it build or destroy your life? Faith sees all things possible, faith can turn things around. Faith defies boundaries and limitations.

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