Are in a situation where you don’t know what to do to put things together in your life. The bible says that God prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies. When God comes in, He doesn’t care who did what to you. He doesn’t care who mocked you. I just want to encourage someone who is going through a hard time, God is doing something great in your favor. Something which will be seen by your enemies. Yes, you are crying now, things are falling apart now. But there is a special table which God is about to put before you. God is not scared of lifting you in front of all the people that avoided and side-lined you. Hold on right there, things won’t be like that forever.
Remember, the table is being prepared in the presence of your enemies and not your friends. Sometimes God doesn’t prepare a table before you until you have enough enemies. Always forgive your enemies, always love your enemies because God right in their presence.

God is preparing a great table for you which no enemy can destroy. When God starts doing wonders in your life, nothing and no one can stop Him. Whatever you have seen and experienced in life is nothing compared to what God is just about to give you.Even the enemy will have no choice but to watch. Don’t give up, always remember that God is preparing your table.


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