And Simon answered, “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word, I will let down the nets.”

It is very clear that Simon, along with the other guys had worked hard the whole night but caught nothing. There was nothing that showed they toiled the whole night, but just the nets which they were washing with so much disappointment. These people were professional fishermen who knew where, when and how to catch much fish. But to their surprise, after doing the best they could do, their nets were still empty. We are talking about people who had given up already because they were even washing their nets to go and focus on other things.

When Jesus came, the disciples had already left their boats. Jesus got into one of the boats which belonged to Simon and asked him to out a little from the land. The disciples might have thought that Jesus did not care that they had toiled the whole night because the bible says that before he addressed the fishermen, He started teaching people instead. And only when He was done speaking, He asked the fishermen to let down their nets into the deep. But Simon, understanding the struggle they had gone through for the whole night and did not want to go down that road for the second time. He said, Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word, I will let down the nets.”

Now Simon did not care what was going to happen next, but the only thing he cared about was to obey Jesus’ word. Knowing very well that they caught nothing in that very same sea, but he said, at your word am going let the nets down into the deep. Acting on God’s word gives strength and success is guaranteed.

Acting on God’s word doesn’t disappoint. It doesn’t matter how many times you have tried and failed in life. It doesn’t matter how many people have labelled you a failure and loser. Never call yourself a failure, wait for the Lord to come and change your situation. I am so much touched by the fact that Jesus didn’t suggest that they should go try in a different sea, but right there in the very same sea, He just asked them to let their nets and this time into the deep. This makes me believe that your future and success is not tied to something or somewhere else, but in the hands of the Master. In that same family, church, business, school just take the word of God and let your nets into the deep. We are living in times some people are confused, migrating from church to another, one marriage to another. I strongly believe that something great can come from within your business, just let your nets into the deep. I know you have tried and failed before. You might be a professional at what you do, but there is a time when our professionalism won’t help, only obedience and faith will.

When the Lord stepped in, he didn’t even label the failures because He knew something could still come out from them. Things might get worse before they get better. Don’t give up. Before you give up on that church, on your studies, your business, your family, one more time, let your nets into the deep for a catch. The word says that after they had obeyed the word of God, they caught a great number of fish such that they even signaled some other fishermen to come and help them out. There are things which you should do not because you know how to do them, but because the Lord says so. You may have caught nothing in your life for the past years of toil. Don’t wash the nets yet, there something great coming your way. Sometimes those setbacks are setups for big things. LET YOUR NETS DOWN INTO THE DEEP.

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