2nd Samuel 9:1-11

When the grace of God falls upon you, there is absolutely nothing that can stand on your way. The King asked if there was still another person whom he should show kindness for the sake of Jonathan. Ziba told the King that there was Mephibosheth who stayed in Lo Debar but he was crippled on both his feet. Mephibosheth was brought before the king and he was favored by the king. This man had all the disadvantages which could have made it difficult for him to be favored. He was crippled, many people may have thought that he was useless. He was not even on the occasion when the king wanted someone of Saul’s house. Even Mephibosheth himself never thought anything good could happen to him because of his situation.

The favor of God doesn’t respect boundaries, situations and barriers. When He chooses to show His Grace, God doesn’t even look at your qualifications or what you have done in your past. Your situation can never stop God’s favor to come to you. Never look down on yourself. Never give up on God and on yourself no matter how hard the situation is.God will never disappoint you. God did not look at what Mephibosheth could or couldn’t do, but it was just the favor of God upon his life. What a man can not do in years, God can do it seconds. Once this kind of favor is upon your life, even the demons from hell cannot stop you. The devil will not have your life, your marriage, your family and he surely cannot have your happiness.

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