Everytime God looks at His wonderful creation in you, He never sees a loser. He never sees a failure. He never sees a pathetic creature. But God sees a champion and a winner who deserves better things. He sees someone who is destined for greatness.
The challenges that you have mean that you are on another level where God is preparing you for greater things. It is the strongest champions that experience harder challenges. Do not reject your training phase, do not run away from your training field. You may get tied on the journey, but never get tied of the journey. God has greater things in-store for you,just don’t give up yet.
Some challenges will cost you all your strength and some cost your tears. But stay in the your training field. Some challenges will cost you your friends while some cost you your possessions. Just stay where God planted you.
When it is time to lose certain people in your life, let them go. They may not be going where you are going. As a champion, some people will come to your life just to draw strength out of you and some come to paint you with bad things. When it’s time to lose things,let it go.
At some point, you don’t need to be comforted, but need God to strengthen you.Yes, you can not change the past, those who hurt you, those who delayed you, those who fought you, those who left you. But you can change your destiny. Stay in your position where the grace of God will sustain you. After all , you will come out like gold tested on fire. (JOB 23:10)
My brothers and sisters, you can do it. You have all it takes to win. #GoChampionGo


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