This is a call for every Christian to be strong not only in the Lord, In the Lord and in the power of His might. It is not a call for us to be strong when the enemy attacks, but a call to stay strong and prepared so that when the enemy attacks we will have power to stand against him. How do we get strong in the Lord? This is where most Christians get it wrong, they want to put pressure on themselves trying to get strength when the enemy has attacked already. The bible does not say that we should wait for the enemy to attack then we get strong. It means that this is a process that every Christian should go through even when everything is going smooth in their life, seek strength from the Lord. Strength should be your lifestyle. Study the word of God daily. Pray daily without ceasing. Make time to fast and pray when you have all the food you want. Many Christians in our churches today only pray when things go wrong (when the enemy has attacked) My question is: if you are not strong and prepared to face the storms, where do you think that strength will come from on that day. Of course from the Lord, right? But the same God who is calling for us to be strong in Him. Sometimes we fail in life not because God doesn’t care about us or because the devil is powerful. It is simple because we relax and only act when the devil has spotted our weak points and attacked. Even the soldiers or armed forces, these people go through some intense training, this is the process where they learn how to deal with the enemy, they learn how to hold or use their weapons. It is this process which makes them stay as strong as they are so that when the time comes it will find them fit enough to stand. Now, how much more do we as Christians need to stay prepared and strong. When the enemy attacks, there is power in the prayer of a strong Christian. There is power in the prayer of someone that studies and meditates on the word of God daily. There is power in the prayer of a prayerful Christian.

The word of God (EPHISIANS 6:16) continues and to say that above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. Do not be deceived, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that you cannot quench something that is stronger than you are. Now, preparing yourself and staying strong in the Lord renders you stronger than the attacks of the enemy. Stronger than sicknesses. Stronger than temptations. Many Christians have at some point asked this question: Why does God allow temptations stronger than I to come my way, yet He, said in His word that he will not allow them to come my way. (1 CORINTHIANS 10:13) I am convinced that it is not because the temptation is bigger than you are, but it is because God knows that you have all it takes to be stronger than those temptations. He has given you everything. Let’s stop blaming God for our failures.

11 Replies to “BE STRONG IN THE LORD [EPHESIANS 6:10-20]”

  1. just opening your post, suddenly I knew I had to pray for you. I have not read today’s post yet so excuse me if I mis-step.
    Holy Father God Almighty,
    Your servant PASTOR MTHOKOZIS NYANDENI is doing the work of you. He is compelling those of us who believe in you to strengthen our relationships with you and to tighten our belts, our morals, our thoughts, and our words. This is an incredible man of God , and I do not know him nor have I read much about him, but your Holy Spirit is guiding me. You want us delivered. You have sent him to us. Lord BLESS and ANOINT this blog. May it reach many over the years and draw them in like honey to ants.
    You are my salvation Lord, and you lead me to this blog and YOU PUT IT ON ME THIS MORNING TO PRAY for PASTOR MTHOKOZIS NYANDENI. I pray for his health. I pray for his family. If he is married and has children I pray they are blessed coming and going and that his light shines ever brightly for them. I pray for his other relatives near and dear to him…may your presence surround them, may they be healed, may they come to desire you Lord, may all be well.,
    attend to your servant Lord. Lift up his ways as he glorifies You. Bless and PROTECT him as he is automatically a target of the enemy. May prayer warriors surround him on all levels, in any manner, for him to accomplish Your will,
    In YOUR PERFECT AND HOLY NAME amen so be it

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