There are battles in your life you wouldn’t have conquered without the Lord. If you think you are poor.If you think you are nothing and worthless.If you think you can’t make it. Check in on your life, and check in again. There is so many things you wouldn’t have made if it wasn’t for God.
God remained a true friend when everyone else left you. He is the same God who took you out of things some of which you put yourself in. I guarantee you that God will never leave you.The present challenges don’t mean that you are alone. The power of God inside you is enough to sustain you. He delivered you from the mouth of your enemy. To me, even waking up each morning is one of the signs that God loves me unconditionally.
You may not be where you wanted to be with your life now, don’t give up because God still has more amazing things in-store for you.Do not fight those who hurt you in the past,do not hurt them back, those who left you and those who you think put you where you are today. What God has for you is way better than a fight, way better than your problems.Sometimes we close some doors by ourselves by fighting where we shouldn’t , by shouting where we should be still and know that He is God.


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