As we wrap up the year, I just want to remind somebody out there that surely there is a God in heaven and that He is still faithful, He is the same God who started the year with you. The God who sustained, provided and fought battles for you. You may not feel or see it, but there are great battles some of which you didn’t even see where God made you victorious. I know you may not have achieved all the 2019 goals which were planned and scheduled for the year. There has been hailstorms in your life from left, right and centre. At some point you even thought that there was no more reason to live because nothing worked out for you. You lost your love ones, got rejected, divorced or retrenched from your job. But am so glad that you are alive and reading this message today, this means that the grace of God is enough in our lives. I would like to pass this message to my fellow brothers and sisters at home, hospitals, schools and everywhere. If you failed in 2019 it doesn’t mean that you are a loser. Things will come around, have hope and believe in the Lord. I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.

If God did not fail Noah, He will not fail you either. If God saved Daniel from the Lion’s den, He will not leave you to be defeated by the enemy. Remember the word of God says that God will save from every evil trap and the deadly disease (PSALMS 91:3). I will not say that 2020 will be your year, but I strongly believe that the Lord will keep and protect you from all the hailstorms of life. Rather than complain, please join help me thank God for His goodness and mercy. You are unique, wonderfully and fearfully created. One mistake that most people make and end up seeing themselves as failures is to compare themselves to others.


I pray that the Lord bless and protect you. I pray that the Lord uplift your family. May He protect you from all the roads accidents this festive season. You are not going to die but live and I pray that the grace and presence of the Lord will give you good health. May your kids be covered under the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that the coming year will bring peace and joy in your life. May you be successful in your career, studies and ministry. The heavens shower you with blessings. Amen.


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