Life can sometimes be unfair in this world. There are times when you find yourself drowning in a river of tears. Times when you don’t even know where and how to start solving your problems. But, the good news is that God is always faithful. He never contradicts His word. God always has His own perfect way of doing things in His perfect time. Just don’t give up when God is busy preparing you for greater things. God says in His word that in the right time He will make it happen. Isaiah 60:22.

In the book of Ruth, we see a woman who seemed to be disadvantaged, yet never let her past and problems define her. Ruth must have thought that it was all over when she lost her husband, leaving her with widowed mother in law. She never let her situation change her perception of God. In as much as losing her foreign husband was painful and considering that the couple had no child, little did she know that it was God’s perfect time for them to move to Judah where her destiny was. Ruth was so much determined to follow her mother in law even when she insisted that Ruth stayed behind. Orpah decided to stay behind, but Ruth clung to her mother in law because she perceived that somehow Naomi was carrying her destiny. Sometimes God uses other people to get you to your perfect destiny. Your destiny is not tied to everyone. Be with people that add value to your life. There is always people worth following and people you should just stay away from. You cannot please everyone in the world. Some people are just there to ensure your downfall. It is not everyone who you should follow. Don’t be afraid of losing people when God is working in your life.

Determination and persistence play a big role up the road of success. It would have been so easy for Ruth to decide to quit, considering the fact that Naomi had nothing much in her possession. Ruth followed Naomi up until they arrived in Judah. And, it wasn’t just a coincidence that they arrived during harvest time. That was God’s Perfect timing. By the grace of God, Ruth worked in one of Boaz’s fields not even knowing what was going to happen next. When God is working in your life, all things will work together for your good. God knows what you need, just let Him handle when and how you get it. Ruth traveled all the way with Naomi to a land that she didn’t know, to people that she didn’t know.  This clearly shows that she must have trusted God to handle everything. When you are where you should be, God will keep prospering you. You need to understand God’s timetable and move accordingly. Sometimes we seem to be stuck along the way because we often leave our position. You should know when and where to follow. You should also understand when and where to stay.

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