Never measure your destiny based on your current circumstances.Champions never make excuses. Challenges do not come to stop you from pursuing your goals, but to challenge you to be more focused and determined.
Let’s take a look at how Gideon conquered.The man was so focused such that the enemy didn’t stop him.Your focus and attention must be on the one who is able to solve your problems.When everyone else was giving excuses, all Gideon was thinking of was victory and not problems,not on the amount of your problems.No one has ever achieved a thing by making excuses. Whenever the enemy attacks, see victory not defeat. Hiding from the challenges of life will not put them to an end.Neither running away from them will bring victory.Most of the times, people are scared of the very things which are scared of them.The Midians that are terrorizing your life are just waiting for you to take a bold step of faith and defeat them.Leave cowards to retreat and keep going. Surround yourself with faith rather than doubt. Never listen to the voice of discouragement.

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