1st KINGS 18:41-45

Severe famine had stricken the land because It had not rained for three and a half years. Elijah the servant of the Lord is telling king Ahab to get ready for the abundance of rain. People were almost giving up their hopes that it would ever rain again. But, here comes Elijah with the good news that not just the rain was coming, but the abundance of rain. It must have sounded like a joke to Ahab and the rest of the people because the land was just hot and dry. If you have faith, you don’t see what everyone else sees. You look at situations and see them differently. Faith always sees positive results in the midst of disaster because the word of God says that we do not walk by sight, but by faith. Can I talk to someone who is going through a three and half year famine in their lives? There may have been famine in your family, in your marriage, in your church, in your spiritual life and in your finances. My brothers and sisters when God comes in, it doesn’t matter who put in that tight situation in which you are. God doesn’t care who left you. He doesn’t even consider who hurt you in the past. God doesn’t look at the number of people that hate you at work place. The fact that they don’t talk to you will not stop or limit God to do what He promised to do in your life. It is not too late; your life can still turn around. There is absolutely no limit as to what God can do to you and through you if you have faith in Him. God is able to turn your sorrows into shouts out joy. Just the same way He healed the land during Elijah’s days, God can heal your life today. Just do yourself a favour and believe in Him.

Time and size of your problems can not stop God from fulfilling all His promises. While Elijah was busy praying, he sent his servant to look outside if there was rain. The servant kept on checking and bringing negative results, saying that there was nothing until the seventh time and it was only at the seventh time that he saw a cloud rising above the sea. The servant could not see anything because he was looking for something he could see, feel and touch. He wanted to see something when it was time to believe something.  There is time for having faith and believing God for your breakthrough and there is time to see the physical manifestation. Our God is a God of order and He is never confused. Even if you pray and see nothing, don’t give up. Rather, just as Elijah commanded his servant, Go and look again, look where? In the word of God where you get to know what God said and promised. Before you can give up, I have message for you today. Have you prayed one more time? Have you believed one more time? Have you trusted God one more time? Sometimes people give up just when it is about to happen. Keep on praying more, keep on giving more, keep on praising more. Just keep on keeping on for your answer is here. Just to remind you again, Elijah did not see the sound of the abundance of rain, did not touch the sound, he surely did not feel the sound, he heard the sound. The sound is always a signal that something is happening or it is about to happen. When you are by the train station waiting for the train to come, you wait patiently, and once you hear the sound of the train, you know and believe that it’s coming even if you don’t see it. Faith does not come by seeing, feeling or touching. But faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the word of God-Romans 10:17(ESV). I believe it is about time you hear something from the word of God. Remember, faith does not come by complaining, pity partying and blaming other people for your failures. I am hearing sounds of triumph. Hang on there, don’t give up because God is just about to something so amazing in your life. This the time to believe God for greater things in your life. You may not see it, feel it or touch it. But God is bringing it right to you.

Finally, Elijah says to Ahab, go up: prepare thy chariot; and get down so that the rain does not stop you. We understand that these people were starving and had been praying for the rain to come. But, then Elijah said, “so that the rain (you have been praying for) does not stop you. Why? It is because the rain was going to be heavy such that it would have been easy for Ahab to give excuses as to what he was supposed to do. When God has showered you with the abundance that you prayed for, never let it stop you from worshiping God. The same business which you prayed for should not stop you from serving the Lord. No one is too rich to serve the Lord.

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